Wendy Williams Encouraged a Fan to Trick Their Husband Into Having More Kids: ‘Men Have Never Been in Control’

Wendy Williams has caused plenty of drama over the years. The talk show host of The Wendy Williams Show is notorious for saying exactly what she means at the moment, though this has certainly put her in hot water with fans and celebrities alike. And she’s gotten plenty of side-eye and groans from the audience during her “Ask Wendy” segments.

During on particular segment, Williams encouraged a fan to ditch her birth control to trick her husband into having another kid. Here’s what happened.

Wendy Williams encourages fan questions on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Vulture Festival

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Like many other talk show hosts, Williams encourages fans to ask her questions. And she even has a form on her website that audience members can submit if they want their questions asked.

“Wendy loves giving advice and now it’s your chance to get free advice from your ‘friend in your head’ LIVE on the show!” Williams’ website explains. “If you have a question for Wendy about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, then submit it below. You may get the chance to meet Wendy and ask her your question on the air!”

Not only does Williams listen to questions all about relationships, families, and personal lives, but she gives plenty of honest responses. She’s no stranger to telling fans to sit down without answering their question if she thinks they’re acting absurdly out of line. And she also gets highly offended if fans touch her microphone.

Williams supported a fan in tricking their husband into having more kids

Williams welcomed a guest years ago who presented a controversial issue to the rest of the audience. During an Ask Wendy segment, a woman talked to Williams about how she wanted to have more kids — but her husband did not.

“So, I’ve been married for six years,” the guest started. “And me and my husband just had our first baby girl about nine months ago. So, before we were married, he promised me we would have two kids, and now he doesn’t want any more.”

Then, the audience member admitted what she wanted advice for. “My friends think I should trick him and stop taking my birth control,” she continued. This earned a number of groans from the audience. “What do you think, Wendy?”

It seems Williams is on the same page with fan’s friend. “I’m embarrassed to say this, because I don’t like spousal lying,” Williams started. “However, men have never been in control of our bodies. We’re the ones in control. I’m not going to suggest that you do that … but look into my eyes and tell me what I’m saying. OK? He promised!”

Williams then asked the rest of the audience to clap if they’re in support of the fan ditching her birth control, and many people clapped.

Fans don’t agree with Williams

Wendy Williams with her parents
Wendy Williams with her parents | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

While Williams got plenty of claps from the audience, fans who commented on the clip don’t seem to agree with her.

“Tricking a man into getting you pregnant should be a criminal offense,” one fan commented on the clip.

“So then when you have that baby which the father didn’t want and end up getting a divorce because you lied and deceived him, who’s gonna pay the bills? Yes, the father,” another fan wrote.

“Lying so that you can bring another life into existence that the other parent does NOT want?” yet another fan added. “Not ONE, but TWO lives. This is more serious than ‘it’s my body’ crap excuse.”

Whether fans love her or hate her, it’s clear Williams will continue doling out advice no matter how controversial.

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