Wendy Williams Isn’t Sad to See Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Break Up: ‘Good News – She’s Getting a Divorce’

Talk show host Wendy Williams went there discussing what looks like the impending divorce of former child star Mary-Kate Olsen, 33, and her husband, Olivier Sarkozy, 50.

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams | Shareif Ziyadat/FilmMagic

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The 55-year-old television host didn’t hide her glee concerning the couple’s crumbling marriage.

Wendy Williams isn’t sad to see this marriage go away

The daytime show host didn’t mince words when it came to news of designer and child star Mary-Kate Olsen seeking a divorce from her husband, French banker Olivier Sarkozy. At 50 and over a foot taller than Olsen, the half-brother to the former president of France dwarfs his wife, and Williams wasn’t having it.

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Us reported that Williams, broadcasting May 15 from home said, “Good news for Mary-Kate Olsen — she’s getting a divorce. Normally we don’t cheer for something like that. She had been dating this older man. He’s 50 … they were married for five years. … He’s so tall and she’s so short. He always looked like he was dating his daughter.”

Mary-Kate Olsen claims her husband kicked her out of their home at the height of the pandemic

The former Full House star reportedly filed for divorce after five years of marriage on April 17, only to be told that, due to the global health crisis, divorce requests were not being accepted unless the situation was a dire emergency.

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Olsen claimed her circumstances, indeed, were of an urgent nature, as her husband had thrown her out of their home and she is unable to relocate because of the pandemic.

When Wendy Williams heard Olsen’s reasoning, it gave the television personality even more reason to roll her eyes. As Williams put it, Olsen’s attempt to sound as though she would be out on the streets was a bit dramatic, considering that the twin and her sister, Ashley, are two of the wealthiest women in the fashion industry.

“Olivier wants her stuff out of the apartment by Monday,” she explained. “[Olsen] claims that she was just told about this, that he just let the lease run out. So in effect, I guess Mary-Kate will be homeless?”

The court’s ruling on Mary-Kate Olsen’s emergency ruling request was turned down

According to Yahoo, Olsen’s filing for an emergency divorce petition was not accepted. The Director of Public Information for the New York courts, Lucian Chalfen, told the outlet that the former actress’ request did not meet the definition of an essential request at this time.

“The original filing was rejected by the New York County Clerk because they did not follow the essential matter procedure,” Chalfen said. “They refiled under the essential matter procedure and the matter was referred to the ex-parte judge, a New York State Supreme Court Judge. He determined that it is not an essential matter, so they can’t file anything at this point.”

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