What Happened to Jonathan Scott From ‘Property Brothers’ and Ex-Girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov?

No matter what kind of television you enjoy watching, there’s no doubt HGTV is a network the whole family can agree on. From Fixer Upper to Flip or Flop, not only do viewers get an in-depth look into how to remodel and flip houses, but they also learn a little something about the hosts of the show along the way. And network fans have grown particularly fond of Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

While we’ve watched Jonathan and Drew Scott transform old houses into beautiful homes, fans are also keeping track of the brothers’ love lives. And it seems many were confused when Jonathan and long-time girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov called it quits. Here’s what happened.

Jacinta has stated before she wasn’t interested in Jonathan when they first met


There are plenty of couples who claim they’ve experienced love at first sight — but Jacinta wasn’t one of them. People reports Jonathan, who’s 10 years older than Jacinta, first met her at a charity gala back in 2015. Jacinta said she “shrugged him off at first,” but after Jonathan found her on social media and continued to keep in touch with her, she gave in to his advances. While she may have been hesitant at first, she stated that while they were dating, their relationship was pure happiness.

Jonathan also spoke to People about how lucky he felt to be by Jacinta’s side. He recounted his previous failed marriage to airline-crew scheduler Kelsey. Jonathan explained that he relocated to Las Vegas from Canada just to be with her, but two years in and their marriage completely flopped. “We were young, and there was a rush going into it,” he said. He also added that Kelsey “wanted to get married on 07/07/07 … so it wasn’t something that happened naturally.” His relationship with Jacinta, however, felt much more natural. “I don’t think I would be in the position where I am now if I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had [in] the past.”

Jonathan said he was madly in love with Jacinta and hoped to marry her eventually


We recall how highly Jonathan had talked of Jacinta when they were dating. When recounting his past to People, he noted that with Jacinta, “Everything changes, but changes for the good. This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life. I’ve never been happier.”

People also reported that Jacinta and Jonathan were living together in Las Vegas and Toronto and were actively looking for a place in New York City back in 2017. Things between them had moved on from the first stages of love and into a more serious relationship — and Jonathan definitely seemed ready to take things to the next level. As he told the publication at the time, “We definitely want to get married and have kids, but we’re just finding joy in our relationship and still learning about each other as well.” He also mentioned that, unlike his brother, Drew, “I don’t think we’ll wait seven years … before we decide what we’re going to do.”

Here’s why Jonathan said they called it quits


In the end, Jonathan and Jacinta couldn’t work things out — and fans are still wondering what could have happened between them. According to what the two have both said, it seems perhaps they were just moving in different directions in life, and that’s why they decided to call it quits. People reports Jonathan wrote on social media, “Sometimes life takes you on unexpected paths and those paths aren’t always in the same direction. There’s no drama or negativity; no jealousy or hate. Not even sadness or sorrow. Our memories are filled with joy and we will continue to advocate for each other as friends wherever we go.”

Jacinta also shared her own message on Instagram. As she wrote, “An abundance of love for J has been a beautiful and rewarding time of my life. However, life is funny and sometimes chapters change and this one has. We have deep love and respect for one another but have gone separate ways.”
Jonathan has dealt with heartbreak in the past, so we’re sure with the help of his brother, Drew, he’s able to overcome this, too. As for Jacinta, it appears she’s totally moved on. Eight months after their split, People reports she announced her engagement to her new love.

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