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Marvel‘s newest Disney+ show has brought Marvel Cinematic Universe characters together from across the multiverse. The premise of What If…? is all in the title. What if one small thing was different in the lives of Earth’s mightiest heroes? From there, the writers went wild and produced interesting stories that all fans are raving about. And What If…? Episode 7 ended with probably the biggest surprise yet that no one saw coming. Now, a first look into What If…? Episode 8 proves to fans that the entirety of the stories of season 1 might be connected.

'What If...?' star Chris Hemsworth wears a dark blue suit over a light blue button down shirt and light blue tie.
Chris Hemsworth | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

What happened in episode 7?

Fans saw Thor in a new light in What If…? Episode 7. The installment, appropriately titled “What If… Thor Were an Only Child?,” depicted the God of Thunder as a reckless man-child who didn’t grow up with Loki as a brother. We guess one of the children of Odin was always bound to be reckless.

While his father was in Odinsleep and his mother was away with her friends, Thor traveled to Earth to throw the universe’s biggest party. There, he encountered a plethora of MCU characters, including Jane Foster. Once Thor’s partying got too out of control, S.H.I.E.L.D. called in Captain Marvel to stop him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t because she was unable to use her full power. Jane stepped in and called Thor’s mother, Frigga. The threat of his mother forced Thor into cleaning up his mess by the time she arrived.

At the end of the episode, Thor asks Jane out on a date. But as he’s walking away, an army of drones arrives on Earth. They are lead by Ultron Vision, who has obtained all of the Infinity Stones. And that’s where the show left us before What If…? Episode 8.

A new photo depicts Ultron Vision in ‘What If…?’ Episode 8

Per, Marvel Studios tweeted out the poster for What If…? Episode 8 on Monday afternoon. The poster depicts Ultron in Vision’s body, wielding all of the Infinity Stones. The Watcher can be seen just to the right of Ultron Vision’s head, watching over the multiverse.

There is another interesting detail about the poster. Since the Mind Stone, which is notoriously yellow, is in Ultron Vision’s forehead, the far left stone in his suit should be orange, not yellow, to represent the Soul Stone. Of course, this could just be a mistake, but it’s worth noting.

It seems as though the writers of What If…? had an overarching plan for season 1 all along. The series was thought to be an anthology, with each episode depicting a different story. While that has been the case so far, episode 8 might tie it all together. What If…? Episode 8 will be the first time a specific character reprises their role. So, if Ultron Vision is returning, who else could fans see in the penultimate episode?


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What and who could fans see in ‘What If…?’ Episode 8?

There are two likely possibilities for What If…? Episode 8. One, it could be a continuation of where the series left off in episode 7. Or two, it could show how Ultron Vision came to be and how he acquired all of the Infinity Stones. Whatever the case may be, the episode is bound to be a wild ride.

Chris Hemsworth may return as Party Thor since he is the one who first saw Ultron Vision and his army of drones. And since a mid-season trailer for What If…? featured a scene with Party Thor and Strange Supreme, it’s plausible that Benedict Cumberbatch will return, as well.

As for what Ultron Vision is planning to do with the Infinity Stones, one can only infer that he intends to rid the universe of humanity. That was Ultron’s plan in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so we assume he will attempt to follow through with it in What If…? Episode 8. But perhaps the heroes of the multiverse will band together and stop him.

What If…? Episode 8 premieres on Sept. 29 on Disney+.