‘What If…?’: Will Star-Lord T’Challa Return for the Finale?

The finale of Marvel‘s What If…? Season 1 is almost here, and it will likely be a star-studded affair. The audience was introduced to many heroes from across the multiverse this season, and none of their stories ever felt finished. Well, there was a reason for that. The writers had a plan from the very beginning to bring these heroes all together for the finale to defeat an evil that threatens the multiverse. So, will Star-Lord T’Challa show up in the What If…? finale to help The Watcher take down Ultron Vision? And will they be successful?

'What If...?' finale star Chadwick Boseman, who voices Star-Lord T'Challa, wears a black and gold jacket and crosses his arms over his chest.
Chadwick Boseman | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

What happened in ‘What If…?’ Episode 8?

What If…? Episode 8, “What If… Ultron Won?,” set the stage for the upcoming finale. It featured the backstory of Ultron Vision and how he came into power. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers stopped Ultron from uploading his conscience to the Vision. But, in this universe, they didn’t. Ultron went on to become the Vision and destroyed the Avengers and all civilian life on Earth. The only two who remained were Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton.

Thanos showed up on Earth with his Infinity Gauntlet that contained five stones. He was there to collect the Mind Stone from Ultron Vision, but the android quickly used the stone to split Thanos in half. Ultron Vision then gained control of all six Infinity Stones. With that power, he realized that there were other worlds in the universe for him to destroy. Once he did so, he became god-like. His new status abled him to feel The Watcher’s presence. Which, of course, made Ultron Vision aware of the multiverse.

Now, Ultron Vision is on a mission to destroy all civilian life in all corners of the multiverse. And he has the power to do it. He even found The Watcher and almost overpowered him. The Watcher was forced to flee, which led him to break his number one rule. He now has to interfere and call upon heroes in the multiverse to help defeat Ultron Vision. In the last scene of episode 8, he recruited Strange Supreme to help him in his plan. For the What If…? finale, the audience will probably see Strange Supreme bringing together the heroes we have already met this season.

Star-Lord T’Challa will be in the finale

According to the What If…? mid-season sneak peek trailer, fans will see Star-Lord T’Challa in the finale. His name is among the heroes that appear in the second half of the season, and we have yet to see Star-Lord T’Challa again.

There is also a part of the video that shows the original Avengers from the MCU. Then it flashes to a new set of heroes. These characters include Natasha Romanoff from episode 8, Captain Carter from episode 1, Star-Lord T’Challa from episode 2, and a new character, Gamora. And we have not seen that scene unfold in What If…? yet.

Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed What If…? head writer A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews about the finale. Bradley said, “We will pop into and re-meet some of our heroes from the previous episodes, including the lovely Captain Carter, Strange Supreme, Party Thor, and even Killmonger.” So, it’s safe to say that many of the characters from previous episodes will make their way into the What If…? finale.


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What to expect in the ‘What If…?’ finale

The stakes are high for the What If…? finale and the heroes of the multiverse. If they fail in defeating Ultron Vision, then the very existence of humanity will be depleted.

In the Entertainment Weekly interview, Andrews said, “There’s a degree of resolution where it feels like all the stuff that’s been percolating across the episodes, the adventure that we bring you into for the ending, ends, to a certain degree. All these universes, when we’re done with our episode, those universes continue. It’s an ongoing cinematic universe; there is stuff that happens yet to come that maybe we will see and maybe we will not see. But we don’t necessarily want to have it all tied up in a perfect bow. There is a level of buttoning up with a certain degree of things that we get into with a certain storyline.” Well, it’s a good thing that there will be a season 2 because it sounds like season 1 will end on a cliffhanger.

The What If…? finale, “What If… The Watcher Broke His Oath?,” premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 6 on Disney+.