What Is Chuck Norris’ Net Worth?

Chuck Norris is one of those actors whose legacy has grown far beyond his actual body of work. While the martial arts expert rose through the ranks of action films before landing in an iconic television role, he’s managed to remain relevant for decades after his retirement from new work. 

With an internet meme collection that puts even Grumpy Cat on the defensive, Norris has managed to remain culturally significant across generations and genres. 

Acting and philanthropy define Chuck Norris’ work 

Actor Chuck Norris
Actor Chuck Norris | Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Without a doubt, Chuck Norris’ biggest claim to fame has been starring as the titular character in Walker, Texas Ranger. The TV series debuted in 1993 and ran for nine seasons before wrapping up in 2001. Norris took on the role of Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger who prefers to deal with injustice the old-fashioned way — with fists and roundhouse kicks. The popular series has sparked a recent reboot starring Jared Padalecki

Norris landed the TV role after starring in many action flicks throughout the 1970s and 1980s. His most famous works include The Way of the Dragon (where he played alongside legendary Bruce Lee) and Invasion U.S.A. Through these appearances, Norris became something of a legendary figure who has become larger-than-life through internet memes jesting about his superhuman strength and tough guy persona. 

Norris’ other big contribution has been in his philanthropy. The actor has a decidedly religious and conservative perspective on the world, and he poured those beliefs into founding an organization called Kickstart that provides martial arts training to middle schoolers in order to give them self-control and self-esteem training. 

Norris has an impressive net worth 

Over the years, Chuck Norris has amassed a considerable fortune through his multiple endeavors. In addition to his acting credits, Norris has also penned multiple books, including both fiction and nonfiction. As Celebrity Net Worth reports, the actor is worth approximately $70 million. He has spent his money on lavish homes and an impressive martial arts gym. 

Norris also uses his wealth to spend time with his large family. He was initially married to a woman named Diane Holechek, who he divorced in 1989 after more than three decades of marriage. That marriage produced three children. Norris also had a child as a result of an affair during that marriage, and he did not learn about his daughter until she was much older. In 1998, Norris remarried, and he and Gena O’Kelley welcomed twins a few years later.

These days, Norris’ children are grown and many have kids of their own. He’s a proud grandfather to more than a dozen grandchildren!  

Speaking engagements help Chuck Norris pad his current income

Chuck Norris, who is now 81 years old and retired from most of the work he did to earn his fame, still has a way to keep in touch with fans (and pad his substantial net worth along the way).

He is available for speaking engagements and has made a name for himself among the conservative celebrity circuit. In fact, his politics have run so far to the right that many believed he was actually at the U.S. Capitol attacks at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. (It turns out it was not Norris but a lookalike.)

Topics that Norris will gladly take the stage to support include the NRA, staunch defense of the Second Amendment, his religious convictions, and his personal philosophies about fitness and self-discipline. Getting Norris to show up to your event to tackle these subjects will cost between $100,000 to $200,000, according to his booking page on AAE Speakers

If you’d like to hear directly from Norris but don’t have a spare $100k on you, there is a much more affordable option. Norris is also on the platform Cameo, which provides fans a way to purchase personalized videos and virtual interactions with celebrities. Whether it’s a motivational message for your employees or a birthday surprise, a video will cost you $450. 

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