What is CNN Reporter Chris Cuomo’s Net Worth?

The Cuomo family is one of the most powerful families in politics. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been making headlines a lot in the past few months, due to his response to the coronavirus pandemic — while his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, has been gaining popularity as well. Chris Cuomo has been working in broadcasting for years, and while he has been the subject of some controversy due to his outspoken opinions, he has many fans and is quickly becoming one of the wealthiest journalists in the United States. 

When was Chris Cuomo born?

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Chris Cuomo was born in New York City in 1970. As the youngest child of Mario Cuomo, the former Governor of New York, young Chris Cuomo grew up exposed to the gritty world of political activism and formed an awareness of world events very early.

While his older brother, Andrew Cuomo, followed in their father’s footsteps, Chris Cuomo felt drawn to the world of journalism and broadcasting. He received a top-notch education, studying at Yale and Fordham Universities and eventually becoming a licensed attorney.

Following that, Chris Cuomo began making regular appearances on various political talk shows, mainly on Fox News. He also worked as a political commentator for networks like MSNBC and CNBC.

In 2006, Chris Cuomo began his long-running association with Good Morning America as their regular news anchor, reporting on all the hard-hitting stories from around the world. He received a lot of praise for his work as an anchor during this time, and he continued to appear on Good Morning America until 2009. 

What is Chris Cuomo best known for?

In early 2013, Chris Cuomo began hosting a morning show on CNN. He became even more popular during his early years on CNN and the show led to even more opportunities on other programs, allowing the youngest Cuomo brother to gain greater visibility.

In 2017, Chris Cuomo began working on his biggest project to date, a show of his own called Cuomo Prime Time. The show, which is broadcast on CNN, gives him a platform to discuss issues of the day in detail and to chat with a wide variety of political commentators and public officials.

Cuomo Prime Time remains Chris Cuomo’s best-known work and a show that is hugely popular with viewers. Unlike many of his counterparts in broadcast journalism, he often wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to get emotional on-air, asking his guests tough, hard-hitting questions. 

What is Chris Cuomo’s net worth?

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo | Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people differently, and even Chris Cuomo has not been immune to the devastating effects of the virus. In early 2020, Chris Cuomo revealed that he had been diagnosed with the illness and had decided to quarantine in the basement of his family home to prevent his wife and children from contracting it.

These days, Chris Cuomo has made a full recovery and continues to work on his news program — albeit while maintaining social distance.

As a member of one of the most powerful American political dynasties, Chris Cuomo is a wealthy man. Reports reveal that his net worth is around $12 million, which means that he has the means to take it easy for the rest of his life, should he so choose.

However, Chris Cuomo has proven to have a strong work ethic, so it is likely that he will continue to work well into his senior years, just as his father did before him. No matter what he chooses to do, Chris Cuomo has already made his mark on the world of network journalism.