What Is the Age Difference Between Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder?

While Johnny Depp is currently in continuous legal battles with ex Amber Heard, this is far from his most notable relationship. Back in the ’90s, Depp was with fellow actor Winona Ryder, and the two seemed genuinely crazy about each other. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make their relationship work.

So, what is the age difference between Depp and Ryder? Here’s what we know.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder had a whirlwind romance that ended due to media attention

Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp during the 'Edward Scissorhands' Premiere
Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp during the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Premiere | Barry King/WireImage

Depp and Ryder were the “it” couple of the late ’80s to early ’90s, and it’s still a pairing fans talk about today. The two first met at a movie premiere in a New York theater, and Depp said it was love at first sight for the both of them. They then embarked on a whirlwind romance and decided to get engaged after dating for only five months.

“I’m being really honest with you when I say that there’s been nothing ever throughout my twenty-seven years that’s comparable to the feeling I have with Winona,” Depp explained to Rolling Stone at the time. “It’s like this weird, bounding atom or something. You can think something is the real thing, but it’s different when you feel it. The truth is very powerful.”

Sadly, as much as the two loved each other, they couldn’t make their romance last. They split in 1993 due to being hassled too much by the media. “My relationship with Winona was my mistake to be as open as we were,” Depp explained. “I thought if we were honest, it would destroy that curiosity monster. Instead, it fed it, gave people license to feel they were part of it.”  

Depp is about 8 years older than Ryder

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder attend the 1990 NATO/ShoWest Convention
Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder attend the 1990 NATO/ShoWest Convention | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

When Depp first locked eyes with Ryder, it’s unclear if he knew just how young she was. Ryder was born in 1971 and was engaged at just 19 years old. Depp was born in 1963 and was in his late 20s when engaged. While both Ryder and Depp were quite young to be going through a public romance, engagement, and breakup, Ryder was significantly younger.

Ryder noted her dramatic response to her breakup was also due to her age. “I was very depressed after breaking off my engagement with Johnny,” she explained to Cinema.com. “I was embarrassingly dramatic at the time, but you have to remember I was only 19 years old.”

Also, due to Ryder’s age, Depp ended up being her first real relationship and first sexual experience with anyone. “When I met Johnny, I was pure virgin,” she said. “He changed that. He was my first everything. My first real kiss. My first real boyfriend. My first fiancé. The first guy I had sex with. So he’ll always be in my heart. Forever. Kind of funny, that word.” 

Depp reportedly wanted to marry another woman 30 years younger than him

Johnny Depp performs on stage at Celebrity Theatre on Dec. 14, 2019
Johnny Depp performs on stage at Celebrity Theatre on Dec. 14, 2019 | Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

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Now, Depp and Ryder have gone their separate ways. But Depp’s built up a reputation for dating much younger women. While his age difference with Ryder was acceptable at the time, he’s since had rumored romances with women over 20 years younger than him. Heard, for example, is 23 years younger than Depp.

One of Depp’s most notorious dating blunders was with a woman who was 30 years younger than him. According to The Sun, Depp was dating dancer Polina Glen when he was 55. She was in her 20s.

“Polina said that they are going to get married and that he wants to go to Russia to meet her parents,” a source told The Sun in 2019.

It seems the marriage didn’t happen, though. And it’s likely for the best, as Depp would certainly be scrutinized for dating yet another woman who’s half his age.

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