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NCIS has been on the air for 17 seasons, and the show remains one of the most-watched primetime procedurals on network TV. The series has even catalyzed spinoffs, including NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. While the latter has not proved as successful as the former, both remain on the air. And, it’s clear that CBS has no qualms about milking the “NCIS” title for a profit — with spinoff after spinoff premiering. And, given the positive reaction to Young Ducky’s appearance in a recent NCIS episode, the network may have a whole new opportunity on its hands. 

Adam Campbell NCIS actor
Adam Campbell | Mark Sullivan / Stringer

In NCIS, Adam Campbell plays Young Ducky; he has appeared in the series four times thus far. The actor is well known for his appearances in Epic Movie, You Are Here, Hello Ladies, Wolves at the Door, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and more. Yet, the actor’s chemistry with Sean Harmon (who plays a young version of Agent Gibbs in the series) is undeniable and utterly captivating. 

Many fans want a spinoff with Sean Harmon and Adam Campbell’s Gibbs and Ducky

As Distractify notes, fans were quick to take to social media following Adam Campbell’s recent appearance as Young Ducky in NCIS. They honed in on the interactions between Gibbs and Ducky. Though Gibbs is played by Harmon’s son, Campbell is not related to Ducky (despite their uncanny resemblance and shared on-screen dispositions).

Viewers noted that they enjoyed watching Harmon and Campbell interact, and some even went on to say that they would be sure to tune into a show just about these two — solving crimes and busting the baddies. 

What would a Gibbs/Ducky show look like, and why would it work?  

A Gibbs/Ducky show could work as a buddy cop crime drama – benefitting from Campbell’s sharp comedic timing and wit. Imagine a show with characters reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and Watson…but a little less British. 

The two could solve crimes together – Ducky can work in the lab, drawing conclusions from autopsies, while Gibbs takes to the field. Yet, Ducky could also work in the field if a situation elicits such a need. 

The show would likely succeed for the network, as Mark Harmon’s fans would be sure to tune in to watch his son follow in his father’s footsteps. Not to mention, when the time eventually comes for NCIS to end, the show would remain ever-present via such a spinoff series that dives back in time. It could provide an analysis of Gibbs and reveal the events that led to his current day stoicism. 


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The show could also provide insight into Ducky’s past that, despite many appearances, remains a bit skim. These two characters — and the actors behind them — boast the chemistry and the fan support needed for such a show to work.