‘When Calls the Heart’: The Show’s Top-Rated Episode Is No Surprise

When Calls the Heart has delivered many magical moments over eight seasons, from the birth of baby Jack to the Hope Valley Christmas festival to Lucas and Elizabeth’s romantic, candlelit moment at the library at the end of season 8. But if you look at IMDb, there’s one that stands above all the rest. The show’s top-ranked episode on the site comes from season 5, and it’s one that’s close to many fans’ hearts

‘When Calls the Heart’ fans love this season 5 episode 

Jack kisses Elizabeth on the cheek in an episode of 'When Calls the Heart'
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The slow-burning romance between Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Jack (Daniel Lissing) was a major focus of the early seasons of When Calls the Heart. The pair finally walked down the aisle in season 5’s fifth episode, “My Heart Is Yours.” 

The episode, which aired in March 2018, has a 9.1 rating from IMDb users. (Technically, one other episode ranks higher, “Heart on My Sleeve.” But that’s a canceled season 6 episode featuring Lori Loughlin that never actually aired on Hallmark Channel.) 

Elizabeth and Jack’s romantic ‘When Calls the Heart’ wedding 

In “My Heart Is Yours,” Jack and Elizabeth are preparing for their wedding. As the big day approaches, they have to deal with some hurdles, including finding a pastor. To make matters worse, an accidental fire leaves Hope Valley’s church in ruins and destroys Elizabeth’s dress. 

Despite the setbacks, Abigail (Lori Loughlin) is determined that nothing will stand in the way of Jack and Elizabeth’s big day. She marshalls the townsfolk, who come together to repair the church and make a new dress for Elizabeth. 

Fortunately, everything comes together, and Elizabeth and Jack exchange vows in front of their friends and loved ones. 

“Your heart is the only flame I will endeavor to keep alight,” Jack tells Elizabeth. 

“You’re my shoulder to cry on my favorite to dream with and my greatest surprise. I’d offer you my heart, but the truth is, you’ve had it for quite some time now,” Elizabeth says to Jack.  

At the reception, Abigail and others toast the couple, who then share their first dance together as husband and wife. 

Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing wrote their own vows for their on-screen wedding 

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Jack and Elizabeth’s long-awaited wedding was made even more romantic by something that happened behind the scenes. To prepare for the big moment, Lissing and Krakow decided to write their characters’ vows themselves

“Erin and I had sat down together… and I talked to her about the potential of writing our own vows, as Jack and as Elizabeth,” Lissing told Entertainment Tonight in 2018. “So we took that to the producers and they were like, ‘Well, yeah, you guys know the characters better than anyone else does,’ and so we actually wrote our vows.”

Though Lissing and Krakow were just friends in real life, their strong feelings for each other and their characters came through in the episode. 

“I wrote Jack’s vows and she wrote Elizabeth’s, and there’s that connection there,” he said. “You can feel the love between these two characters, and Erin and I, as actors and as friends, have a lot of love for each other, so we really had each other’s back through that whole scene.” 

Sadly, Jack and Elizabeth’s love story came to an end not long after their wedding, when he died while on a training mission for the Mounties. But When Calls the Heart fans who miss the character can still revisit the wedding episode and remember happier times for the couple. 

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