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It’s been a few years since Daniel Lissing left When Calls the Heart, but he hasn’t lost touch with his former coworkers. Erin Krakow, who co-starred opposite Lissing in the Hallmark Channel series, revealed in a recent Instagram post that the two have kept in touch since he left the show in 2018. 

Erin Krakow answers a fan question about Daniel Lissing 

Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow taking a selfie
Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow | Andrew Chin/Getty Images

On May 23, Krakow — who portrays schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton on When Calls the Heart — shared a snapshot of herself with her current costars Kevin McGarry and Chris McNally on Instagram. The image prompted one fan to reminisce about Krakow’s on-screen husband Jack Thornton, who was played by Lissing. His character was killed off in season 5 after the actor decided to leave the show. 

The fan talked about how she used to watch When Calls the Heart with their late mother. “I felt the pain of losing Jack and losing my mom,” the person wrote. “This was our favorite show that we watched together. I miss Jack on the show, but I love the show for new reasons now.” The fan also asked if Krakow and Lissing still talk.

The actress had a sweet reply to the touching comment. “I am so sorry,” Krakow wrote. “Sending you love! (& yes of course we do).”

Daniel Lissing said he invited Erin Krakow to his upcoming wedding 

Lissing, who has gone on to appear on ABC’s The Rookie since leaving When Calls the Heart, has also mentioned keeping in touch with Krakow. 

The 38-year-old is currently in the process of planning his wedding to his fiancée Nadia, which is set to take place in Bali sometime in 2021. Originally, the couple planned to get hitched this summer, but the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced a change of plans. But before that happened, he spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed he had invited a few of his former co-stars, including Krakow, to celebrate with him and Nadia. Martin Cummins and Ben Rosenbaum were also on the guest list. 

The two former co-stars also interact each other on social media. In January, Krakow shared a post about how to support those affected by the wildfires in Australia, which Lissing, who is from the country, liked. And in 2019, he shared a photo of himself and Krakow reuniting at the winter TCA press tour.

Lissing has said he’d like to work with Krakow again 


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While Lissing has said that he has “no regrets” about leaving When Calls the Heart, he did tell Entertainment Tonight that he misses the people he used to work with. He confirmed that he talks with Krakow regularly and even revealed that he has an idea for a future project they could work on together. 

“About two or three years ago, I sent a big proposal to Hallmark pitching a Christmas movie with Erin and I in modern day, and they didn’t think it was the right time. Maybe it is now?” the actor said. Whether in a Hallmark movie of some other way, he confirmed he’d be eager to team up with Krakow agin. “I’d be totally open to it, hopefully Erin would be too,” he said.  

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