Where Is Long Pond Studios, the Cabin Where Taylor Swift Recorded Her ‘Folklore’ Disney+ Concert?

Taylor Swift delivered another big surprise for her fans on Nov. 24—a Folklore concert is coming to Disney+.

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions is hitting the streaming service at midnight on Nov. 25, but what is Long Pond Studios and where is it located? The singer’s fanbase loves to unpack tiny details in the pop star’s work, so no doubt, they’re already on this case. But let’s take a dive.

Taylor Swift in the 'Folklore: The Long Pond Sessions' on Disney+ | YouTube
Taylor Swift in the ‘Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions’ on Disney+ | YouTube

‘Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions’ hits Disney+ Nov. 25

The concert film, which doubles as a documentary, was announced early in the morning of Nov. 24.

“Well it’s 11/24 and 24-11=13 so I’ve got an announcement,” the 30-year-old tweeted. “You haven’t seen this film before. folklore: the long pond studio sessions will be out tonight at midnight PST on @DisneyPlus! #folkloreOnDisneyPlus.”

In the trailer, the “Invisible String” crooner is seen jamming along with collaborators Aaron Dessner of The National and Jack Antonoff, who both worked with Swift on Folklore. (As a fun coincidence, Folklore got nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys the same day this trailer came out.)

The “Bad Blood” singer starts things off in the trailer by saying, “There’s something about the complete and total uncertainty of life. If we’re going to have to recalibrate everything, we should start with what we love the most first.”

She is, of course, referring to the fact that this album was written in quarantine during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which upended so many lives. The star also said the album was her saving grace keeping her sanity afloat during isolation.

“It’s an album that allows you to feel your feelings, and it’s a product of isolation,” she said, later adding, “This could’ve been a time where I absolutely lost my mind. And instead I think this album was like a real flotation device for both of us.”

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Long Pond Studios is Aaron Dessner’s personal studio

The film was shot in September at Long Pond Studios, a studio set up in a cabin in Hudson Valley, New York, according to the trailer. Hudson Valley, aka the Hudson River Valley, is also home to stars like Paul Rudd, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton, Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy, and more.

The studio belongs to Dessner, and by the looks of it, it seems like the perfectly cozy location to perform the album. Aerial shots from the trailer show the cabin located in a remote, wooded area nearby a river, which definitely fits the vibe of the album the songwriter said she “poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into.”

According to a press release about the film, Swift, Antonoff, and Dessner will perform the entirety of Folklore from start to finish. This will mark the first time Grammy winner has performed the entire body of work for fans since its release on July 24. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver will reportedly also perform “exile” with Swift in the film, which is a fan favorite.

In addition to the performances, “stories and secrets behind all 17 songs” will be revealed throughout the film, as if Swift’s fans weren’t already excited enough.

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions will be available to stream on Disney+ at midnight PST on Nov. 25, 3 a.m. EST.