Who Does Cazzie David Play in ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 3?

Netflix announced The Umbrella Academy Season 3, with the Sparrow Academy characters appearing as an alternate team that Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adopts and trains as superheroes. They revealed the Sparrow Academy cast members Marcus (Justin Cornwell), Fei (Britne Oldford), Alphonso (Jake Epstein), Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), Jayme (Cazzie David), and Christopher, an eldritch horror cube. Here’s everything you need to know about Cazzie David as Jayme in The Umbrella Academy Season 3.

'The Umbrella Academy' actor Cazzie David at Variety's Power of Women
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Jayme is who Cazzie David plays in ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

While most of the Sparrows go unnamed in The Umbrella Academy graphic novels by Gerard Way, Netflix announced their names. And The Umbrella Academy cast Cazzie David as #6, Jayme.

Netflix described her as “a loner hidden under a hoodie.” While she seems quiet, it’s not because she’s shy. She just doesn’t have much to say.

Jayme has a fear-inducing snarl. “Catch a glimpse of it, and you’ll run across the street to avoid what follows,” Hollywood Reporter notes. “Smart and sharp as a knife, she spends most of her time hanging with Alphonso, her only friend.”

Her only friend is #4 Alphonso, played by Jake Epstein, “whose body and face are scarred from years of crime-fighting.”

“To compensate, Alphonso is armed with a caustic and biting sense of humor,” Hollywood Reporter continued about the season 3 characters. “The only thing he likes better than verbally battering anyone foolish enough to get in his face, is a good pizza and a six-pack of beer.”

Everything we know about Cazzie David as Jayme in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

At the end of The Umbrella Academy Season 2, Vanya Hargreeves (Elliot Page), Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), and Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) jumped forward through time to their home.

However, they found the Sparrow Academy in place of the Umbrella Academy and their formerly dead sibling Ben Hargreeves (Justin H. Min) alive. And he also led the team that replaced the Umbrella Academy, with Cazzie David’s Jayme a core member.

She was one of the 43 children born on the 12th hour on the first day of October 1989. However, Netflix has not revealed much else about her character.

While it seems like she has fear-based powers, fans still have to wait and see how she uses them.

When does the Sparrow Academy character debut on Netflix?

Ever since the Umbrella Academy characters returned to the altered timeline, fans have been left with questions. Years passed without any hints about what The Umbrella Academy Season 3 would hold.

However, Netflix revealed that the Sparrow Academy would play a huge role in season 3, announcing the new cast members.


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Cazzie David’s Jayme, Alphonso, and the rest of the Sparrows will debut in The Umbrella Academy Season 3 on Netflix on June 22, 2022.

Until then, fans can watch seasons 1 and 2 on the streaming service to catch up on all the adventures the dysfunctional X-Men-like family has traversed.