Who is Chris Evans Dating?

Chris Evans is one of the most popular and dynamic stars in the entertainment industry. The actor, best known as Marvel’s Captain America/Steve Rogers, has appeared in a wide variety of movies, from dramas to comedies. Although Chris Evans is front and center when it comes to his acting projects, he is much more private when it comes to his personal life. Still, his private nature doesn’t stop fans from speculating — and some recent paparazzi pictures of Evans with another hot star has fans wondering. 

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How did Chris Evans become famous?

Chris Evans was born in Massachusetts in 1981. He was raised in an artistic family, with his mother working as the artistic director at a nearby youth theater, according to IMDb. As a child, Evans gravitated toward acting and honed his talents by appearing in a variety of student theater productions. By the early nineties, Evans had committed himself to a career in the arts and began trying out for parts in movies.

In the late nineties, he moved to Los Angeles to try to break into the film industry, and he landed his first movie role not long after. Some of Evans’ early film roles included parts in movies such as Not Another Teen Movie and The Newcomers. His first big breakout role was in 2005’s The Fantastic Four. While it was Evans’ first superhero movie and a modest commercial success, it was a critical failure. He went on to appear in the film’s 2007 sequel. A few of the other movies that Evans appeared in during this time included Street Kings, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Puncture

Chris Evans is very private about his relationships

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In 2010, Chris Evans was cast as Captain America in a lucrative deal with Marvel Studios. The role would prove to be the defining one of his career thus far. To date, Evans has appeared as Steve Rogers/Captain America in eleven films, including the blockbuster action movie Avengers: Endgame. His work with Marvel has led to many more film opportunities, and these days, he is one of cinema’s highest-paid and most successful actors, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Although there is a lot of interest from fans regarding Evans’ personal life, he prefers to keep things low-key. He doesn’t often talk about his relationships, and even though he has dated actresses like Jessica Biel and Christina Ricci, there has only been one relationship that Evans ever confirmed or talked about with the media — and that was his romance with Jenny Slate, according to PopSugar. The two started dating in 2016 and dated on and off for two years before ultimately breaking up in early 2018

Has Chris Evans confirmed his romance with Lily James?

Chris Evans has been making headlines again in recent days, with tabloids speculating that the actor has struck up a romance with Lily James. James is fresh from her split with actor Matt Smith, and is currently in London at the same time as Evans, prompting some to speculate that the two are working on a project together.

In early July, Evans and James were seen heading to Evans’ hotel after spending hours partying at an exclusive club, reports DailyMail. They have also been spotted eating ice cream together and hanging out in a park, looking very chummy. Still, neither Evans nor James has confirmed the romance and if Evans follows his usual pattern, he isn’t likely to — it seems as though, at least for now, the two are happy to keep their budding relationship well away from the media spotlight.