Who Is Mike Myers’ Wife Kelly Tisdale?

Comedian Mike Myers has been a fan-favorite for more than two decades, after first rising to fame on Saturday Night Live. He has become one of the shining stars to emerge from SNL, starring in film franchises like the Austin Powers and Shrek movies.

Although Myers has mostly stepped away from the world of acting in recent years, he still makes occasional appearances in projects that appeal to him.

Myers also keeps his personal life mostly under wraps, and few fans know the full story behind his marriages. 

What is Mike Myers best known for?

Mike Myers speaks onstage
Mike Myers | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for DCP

Mike Myers is one of America’s favorite comedians, but he was actually born and raised in Ontario. As a child, Myers proved himself to be proficient in comedy and excelled in performing in front of others.

He began acting in commercials when he was just a toddler, and at the age of ten, he was already a show business veteran. Myers even got early experience working with a famed member of SNL, when he filmed a commercial with Gilda Radner. 

Myers graduated high school and went on to join The Second City Canadian touring company, practicing his comedic timing and getting even more comfortable performing comedy on the road.

All throughout the late seventies and into the eighties, Myers toured Canada as well as the United Kingdom, finally catching the eye of Lorne Michaels, the head of Saturday Night Live.

In 1989, Myers joined the cast of SNL and remained with the show until 1995, popularizing characters like Wayne Campbell and Dieter. Myers appeared in several successful movies during this time, including Wayne’s World with Dana Carvey. The movie remains popular with fans of all ages even today. 

Who was Mike Myers’ first wife?

After leaving Saturday Night Live in 1995, Myers went on to have a lucrative career in films. He appeared in three Austin Powers movies and provided the voice to the animated character Shrek in four movies.

He has also acted in movies such as The Love Guru, The Cat in the Hat, Terminal, and Bohemian Rhapsody. In recent years, Myers has not acted prolifically, mostly doing voiceover work or appearing in small cameos. However, he is not formally retired from the business and he clearly still has a passion for entertainment.

Mike Myers was in a longtime relationship with Robin Ruzan, an actress and comedy writer. The two started dating in the eighties, before Myers was a celebrity, and got married in 1993. They remained married until 2005 when Myers filed for divorce. Myers and Ruzan didn’t have any children. 

Who is Kelly Tisdale?

Shortly after his divorce from Ruzan, Myers started dating Kelly Tisdale, a scenic artist. Tisdale is a highly educated woman and graduated from Suffolk University, with a degree in government and international affairs.

Although Tisdale is not an actress, she has worked in the entertainment industry as a scenic artist, and prior to her relationship with Myers, she dated the singer Moby.

In 2010, Tisdale and Myers tied the knot in a secret ceremony. They have been together ever since, and have welcomed three children together: a son named Spike, born in 2011, not long after the couple’s top-secret wedding, a daughter named Sunday, born in 2014, and youngest daughter Paulina, born in 2015.

Both Tisdale and Myers have kept their family life very private, and don’t often speak out in interviews — but for Myers, who spent so much of his early life in the spotlight, that might be the perfect scenario.