Who Is TikTok Star and Mental Health Advocate Elyse Myers?

Viral TikTok sensation Elyse Myers took the internet by storm when she started uploading hilarious content in 2021. Since then, Myers has become one of social media’s most relatable content creators, amassing well over 5 million followers on the app. So what is Myers’ story, and how did the TikTok star become “the internet’s best friend”?

Elyse Myers’ rise to TikTok fame

TikTok star Elyse Myers in a yellow shirt and jeans posing in front of a TikTok House Party backdrop
Elyse Myers | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for TikTok

Myers is a 28-year-old comedian and content creator whose rise to internet superstardom began in October 2021.

The writer-comedian’s first viral hit was a story time-style video detailing a first date gone horribly wrong. In the two and a half minute clip, she shared a vivid retelling of the date. On it, she was swindled into paying for 100 hard-shell tacos in a Taco Bell drive-through, per Vanity Fair.

After catching the internet’s attention with her relaxed, casually hilarious storytelling, Myers continued to upload more relatable stories and “Q&As over coffee.” She’s since expanded to other social media platforms.

Myers’ comedy is inspired by legendary performers, including Melissa McCarthy, Chris Farley, and Amy Poehler. Through her videos, Myers is able to share her POV as a new mom who is “extraordinarily open and vulnerable” with her fans, according to her personal website.

Elyse Myers opens up about her personal life and mental health

Based in Nebraska, Myers lives with her husband and young son. Before catapulting to TikTok superstardom, she had a career working as a web developer.

Her content is a refreshing change from other mainstream influencers. Their highly edited vacation “vlogs,” elaborate filming set-ups, and seemingly perfect lives aren’t exactly relatable to the average viewer.

Plus, as a mom and full-time influencer, Myers isn’t afraid to get real with her content. Her day-to-day routine is far from glamorous, with a typical morning beginning sometime around 4:30 a.m.

“My most creative time is early morning,” she told Vanity Fair. “I feel like if the rest of the world is awake, and I’m getting texts and messages all day, I just can’t sit and be creative.”

Many TikTok users have praised Myers for her candid chats about mental health. Often appearing on camera in a messy bun and sweatshirt, Myers acts as a sort of coach to many who deal with mental health issues.

“I just don’t understand why our brains actively try to fight against us in that way,” she told Vanity Fair of her anxiety. However, she said she’s able to tell her brain, “You’re not protecting me from anything right now. You don’t have to be so loud.” And she wants to help others do that too.

“My one thing I really cling on to is I just want to add value to people’s life, and I want them to feel known and seen,” she said.

The TikTok star has a new podcast and merch line

This fall, Myers will continue to share her oh-so-relatable content via a different platform: a podcast titled Funny ’Cuz It’s True. Lemonada Media and Powderkeg Media are producing the project.

“I was so nervous,” she told Vanity Fair of recording the first episode. “I was shaking. I couldn’t type in my email correctly. And I was like, I have got to calm down. This is not helpful energy anymore. This is harmful energy. And so I had to really take a breath and go forward.”

Outside of her social media channels and new podcast, Myers also makes a living off of her merch line. She sells clothes with her signature catchphrases embroidered onto them. Options include a shirt that reads “go find less” or a baseball cap that says “absolutely not” in an all-lowercase font. The items are currently available on her website

Thanks to her success on social media, Myers has also secured brand collaborations with well-known companies like Aerie, Hulu, Dunkin’ Donuts, Audible, and Quaker Oats, among others.

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