Who Is TikTok’s Viral Cranberry Juice Skateboarder Nathan Apodaca?

In the world of TikTok, Nathan Apodaca is an anomaly. Apodaca is the brainchild behind the viral TikTok video where he is seen skateboarding while drinking cranberry juice, all while lip-syncing to the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. The video instantly went viral and has now been spoofed by hundreds of fans. Apodaca has since become an unlikely social media star, and while he comes from very modest means, he has big plans for his future — and has a lot to say about the video that made him a viral sensation. 

TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, aka 420doggface208 smiling, sitting on the back of a pickup truck
TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, aka 420doggface208 | MEGA/Getty Images

When did Nathan Apodaca become a TikTok star?

Nathan Apodaca, a 37-year-old father of two, has actually been on TikTok for some time. Apodaca, who works at a potato processing facility in Idaho, first started his TikTok account several years ago, and has been posting regular videos to his account since then, many in collaboration with his young daughter. Still, Apodaca had never really gone viral before, and when he uploaded the video of his unconventional commute to work, he probably never could have expected the response.

Apodaca’s video, which featured him skateboarding to work and mouthing the lyrics to “Dreams” while chugging cranberry juice, was seen as a positive, life-affirming bit of nostalgia by many viewers, and went viral within hours. Not only did fans share and praise the video, but many of them also made their own tribute version of the video, including high-profile fans like Jimmy Fallon, Mick Fleetwood, and Stevie Nicks herself. 

What does Nathan Apodaca say about his viral video?

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While Nathan Apodaca might never have anticipated his unexpected fame, he is happy with what the video has brought him. In a recent interview with NPR, Apodaca stated that he has received some unexpected perks from fans of the video, including from the brand Ocean Spray. The company, whose juice Apodaca was drinking in the video, gave him a new truck in the same shade as their beloved juice. 

Other fans have been donating to Apodaca directly, in hopes of elevating his financial status. As to why he believes people have so much love for the video, Apodaca stated that “there’s just too much chaos right now. Everybody just needed something to relax to and vibe out with.” Apodaca also revealed that there was no particular rhyme or reason as to why he chose the song “Dreams” for his video — a song that has recently experienced a huge resurgence, thanks to the viral video. Rather, “it was just at the top of my playlist,” according to Forbes.

What’s next for Nathan Apodaca?

Nathan Apodaca is hoping to buy a house in the near future and plans to put any donations that he has received toward a down payment. Still, Apodaca is a hard-working soul at heart and has still maintained his factory job in the midst of all the chaos that he is currently experiencing — even if he is taking some time off in order to process the changes that he is going through. 

Apodaca’s video continues to rack up views on a daily basis — so there’s really no telling what the future holds for Nathan Apodaca. Proving how humble he is, the father of two recently admitted that one of his favorite perks of his newfound celebrity is the fact that Ocean Spray gifted him, in addition to the new truck, a massive supply of different juice flavors. “No matter where I go, I have it with me,” Apodaca stated, speaking of the juice, according to Yahoo. “Now, everybody asks me where it’s at. I like the cran-raspberry flavor, but since Ocean Spray gave me many different flavors, I’m drinking the cran-apple right now.”