Who is Wendy Williams Dating?

Wendy Williams is waiting out the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, along with a slew of other hosts and entertainment personalities. Still, she has been active on social media, posting pictures of her meals, her cats, and how she has been spending her days in quarantine. Williams has posted several pictures that were seemingly designed to pique the interest of followers, suggesting that she is involved in a romance with someone new. For Williams, who has gone through some tough personal struggles in recent years, the prospect of new love in her life is undoubtedly an exciting one. 

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Wendy Williams’ bitter divorce

Wendy Williams was married to her longtime partner, Kevin Hunter, for decades. The two were business partners as well as life partners, but things were tumultuous for some time — in fact, in her 2001 biography, Williams acknowledged that Hunter had cheated on her not long after the birth of their only child, Kevin Hunter Jr. Although Williams was able to forgive Hunter and the two remained married, the cheating rumors never quite went away.

In 2018, rumors started circulating that Hunter was living with another woman and that Williams had known about the affair for some time. Williams refused to discuss the rumors openly, but in early 2019, she filed for divorce from Hunter. The divorce filing was hardly the end of the drama, however. Williams and her ex continued to make headlines for months, with some reports claiming that Hunter was demanding spousal support from his television host wife. 

Wendy Williams was reportedly dating a doctor

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In spite of the sadness of her divorce from her husband of many years, Wendy Williams was able to move on with her life. She began stepping out with friends, enjoying the nightlife of the city. She also began getting linked to eligible men. Not long after the divorce filing, Williams was seen in public with a much younger man, who also happened to be a convicted felon. Still, Williams didn’t claim the man as her boyfriend, and within a few weeks, her fling seemed to be over. 

In the summer of 2019, Williams revealed to her talk show audience that she was dating a doctor. While she didn’t reveal his name, she admitted that he was age-appropriate, in his fifties: “I am not going to say one more word. You’re not going to blow this for me. But he’s been married, his kids are in their 20s. And yes, he’s black. I know you’re wondering,” People reports.

Is Wendy Williams dating anyone now?

After her admission of romance on her talk show this past summer, Wendy Williams hasn’t since mentioned her doctor boyfriend, leading many to wonder if she is still seeing the man. When coronavirus (COVID-19) began ravaging the world in early 2020, Williams’ talk show went on hiatus, with the host retreating to the safety and peace of her New York apartment. While Williams has been mostly MIA ever since, she has popped on Instagram a few times to share some intimate glimpses into her life these days. 

There have been several posts that reference a mysterious male friend, with Williams revealing that her new friend “makes her laugh.” She has been careful not to post his name or any picture of the man’s face, but it is clear that she is living her best life — even if her new romance isn’t serious. It is possible that when her talk show returns in September, Williams will have more exciting life updates for her audience.