Why Are Romance Rumors Circling Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga?

While the dating rumors surrounding Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga have yet to boil over, they are already catching steam. So, why are various tabloids and online forums pairing the “Rain on Me” singer with the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Star? Where are such rumors coming from, and do they contain even a grain of truth? 

Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga
Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga | Pitt by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff and Gaga by Presley Ann / Stringer GAGA

As GossipCop reports, as far as any romance brewing between the two is concerned, the claims (at least at this point) are false. Yet, as for the origin of the baseless claims, can you blame fans for pairing two living legends who will possibly star opposite one another in an upcoming action thriller?

Lady Gaga is in talks to join ‘Bullet Train’ alongside an A-list ensemble

As W Magazine reports, Lady Gaga is currently in talks to star in the upcoming thriller Bullet Train, based on the novel Maria Beetle by Kotaro Isaka. Though Gaga has not yet been confirmed, evidence suggests she will sign the dotted line. Let’s remember, Gaga wanted to be an actor before she wanted to be a singer, and is looking to expand her performance portfolio in the cinematic realm. And, a movie —  so disconnected from the music industry — may be the way to do just that. And, Brad Pitt is one of many leading men in the upcoming ensemble film.

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Gaga’s possible role in the movie remains unknown, yet, based on the plot synopsis, she will likely play a mysterious murderess on a train with other assassins. So, fans may just get to see Gaga kick some butt. 

What we know so far about ‘Bullet Train’

Bullet Train is an upcoming action thriller directed by David Leitch, who is quite renowned for his work within the genre. His previous critically acclaimed films include Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, John Wick, V for Vendetta, and more. 

The film follows five high-level assassins assigned to a job on a bullet train that’s heading to Japan. The catch: their missions are all intertwined. So far, Brad Pitt, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Logan Lerman, and more are attached to the film. Zac Olkewics is behind the screenplay. 

Considering this movie has reportedly just begun filming, a release date remains unknown. And, with an ensemble film of this nature — the likes of Murder on the Orient Express and Knives Out — frequent scene pairings remain unpredictable. 

When so many major A-listers are involved in a production, it’s rare that all individuals get equal amounts of dialogue. Meaning, Pitt and Gaga could be destined for intimate or disconnected roles, as W Magazine also asserts. Yet, it goes without saying that, as the film takes center stage in the public eye, so will Pitt and Gaga.