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MTV’s Teen Mom is rife with drama — and before she was fired from the production, many of the show’s biggest scandals revolved around Farrah Abraham. Originally on 16 and Pregnant, we remember when Farrah was just pregnant with her now 9-year-old daughter, Sophia. And we also witnessed plenty of tension with her mother, Debra.

Later on Teen Mom, small tensions escalated into huge fights from the mother-daughter duo. And many fans thought Farrah was just being cruel to her mother who seemed to tiptoe around her. Here’s why their relationship was so strained.

Domestic assault allegations have been brought against Debra in the past

Farrah Abraham with her mother, Debra
Farrah Abraham with her mother, Debra | Debra Danielsen via Instagram

Abuse allegations have been brought up multiple times when it comes to Farrah’s family. People reports the allegations stem all the way back to 2010, when Debra was first arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse. At the time, the mother and daughter were arguing over childcare for Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. Farrah then claimed her mother grabbed her by the throat and hit her. She was only 18 at the time. And in another episode of 16 and Pregnant, many thought Debra hit Farrah during another argument, though Debra says she hit the chair instead.

In a more recent Teen Mom OG reunion, both Debra and Farrah also talked about the abuse they sustained from one another. While Debra maintains that her daughter has mentally abused her over the years, Farrah reminded everyone of the 2010 incident. Either way, we can see why there’s such animosity in this relationship.

Debra also claimed Farrah was mentally ill, starting a war of words with Farrah

Farrah Abraham with her family
Farrah Abraham with her family | Debra Danielsen via Instagram

In 2018, People reports that Debra appeared on Shot Topics to discuss her relationship with her daughter. She expressed concern over Farrah’s mental health and even said she had borderline personality disorder. Debra said, “If you have Borderline Personality Disorder, if you have narcissism, any of these kinds of things, they’re all highly treatable.” She then went on to say that she knows her daughter is “kind, loving and is sweet and very compassionate” deep down — but she also suggested that Farrah needs psychological intervention.

Farrah didn’t take these comments from her mother lightly. To People, she said, “It’s evil and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart.” She also denied having borderline personality disorder.

Debra believes Farrah needs more counseling and professional help

Farrah has talked openly about starting therapy at the age of 14, and it seems Debra has also taken steps to get mental help of her own. While this should seemingly help their relationship, it seems Debra came at the subject with an angle that offended Farrah.

People notes when the mother and daughter sat down together in 2017, Debra said she had been talking to a doctor about therapy — but the therapy wasn’t for herself. “Doctors told me that I was fine and didn’t need therapy, Farrah,” Debra added. Farrah then started crying and told her mother she was “just trying to have a good, peaceful vibe” — but it was totally ruined from Debra’s suggestion.

Debra also has mentioned she wants to gain partial custody of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia

Farrah Abraham and Sophia
Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

There’s no doubt that Farrah loves her only daughter, Sophia — but it seems Debra has seen Farrah as an unfit parent in the recent past. The Hollywood Gossip notes Farrah was arrested in June for assaulting a male staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel. While no serious injuries were reported from the incident, it did concern many that Sophia was in the hotel when it occurred.

Farrah’s father reportedly said the entire incident was overblown, but Debra remained seriously concerned. She said she “hopes to hire a lawyer who can possibly help her gain custody time with Sophia.” Not only that, but when Farrah was making the decision to pull Sophia out of school so the child could travel with her mom, Debra objected to this, too. “She needs to go to school. … She needs to not be dragged on a party all over the world.”

It seems the mother and daughter have made up somewhat, though, as Farrah has added videos of her and Debra with Sophia on Instagram. But we’re sure their relationship still needs a lot of work.

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