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Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz may party pretty hard on Vanderpump Rules, but they admitted that their Winter House friends were on an entirely different party level.

Schwartz and Sandoval journeyed from Los Angeles to Stowe, Vermont to spend a few days with their Bravo friends. Sandoval joked with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the Summer House and Southern Charm intense partying stamina. But Schwartz and Sandoval said the trip came at the right time, especially for Schwartz, who realized he and his wife Katie Maloney were ultimately going to divorce.

Sandoval sensed ‘tension’ at ‘Winter House’

Sandoval is known for being on top of his costume game. But he said the Winter House crew out-costumed and out-partied the Vanderpump men in many ways.

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval from 'Vanderpump Rules' and 'Winter House' on the red carpet at BravoCon
Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval | Cindy Ord/Bravo via Getty Images)

“It was a lot of fun,” Sandoval said. “But I could sense some tension … just because … and I respect it because, you know, I can tell you we were there two days, it was two days of awesomeness and we went for it. But, you know, if I had to be there for two weeks, I would have maybe a different frame of mind, right? It seems very hard to sustain two weeks of Winter House. It seems like a lot. They have themes every night.”

Schwartz and Sandoval arrive at the house shortly after Craig Conover and Luke Gulbranson’s blowup. Plus Austen Kroll’s arrival brought additional stress to the environment as he and Ciara Miller were still trying to figure out their relationship.

Schwartz appreciated getting ‘lost’ in the ‘Winter House’ world

Schwartz agreed that their two days of fun, snowboarding and skiing were needed, especialy with how he went into the house. “They were very welcoming,” he said about the Winter House cast. “It was fun to sort of get lost, like immersed in their little world, you know what I mean?”

Sandoval added, “And also to immerse them into our world because we brought our own theme. Which you’ll see in the season.”

“Oh, my God. Please, no more themes,” Schwartz joked.

Tom knew Katie wanted a divorce before heading to Stowe

Schwartz revealed that he wasn’t in the greatest place when he and Sandoval went to Vermont.

“It was like a wonderful little sabbatical from a very emotional moment in my life. I was fresh off the divorce,” Schwartz revealed. “The cast didn’t know this but, before I left to go hang out with them in Stowe, Katie and I sat down together and she asked we just not mention the divorce. She wasn’t ready to talk about it publicly. And I had to respect that.”


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“But also, you know, I was just dying inside,” Schwartz admitted. “So I was very conflicted. But overall, we had a good time. It was a blast. We love the cast.”

“It was kind of cool walking in there, honestly, like most people might be a little stressed out, walking into a place that’s totally trashed,” Sandoval recalled. “But we walked in there and we were like, ‘Wow, these guys know how to get down. We’ve come to the right place.'”

“I think, what Tom is trying to say it was they were very hospitable and welcoming,” Schwartz laughed.

Winter House is on Thursday night at 9pm ET on Bravo.

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