Woojin of Stray Kids Responds to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Woojin became famous as a member of Stray Kids, one of the most famous K-pop groups. Since he left the band, two anonymous social media users have accused him of sexual misconduct. Woojin responded to the allegations and so did his label.

Woojin in a blue shirt
Woojin | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

The first allegation

The South China Morning Post reports a social media user said she met Woojin in Seoul where he attempted to inappropriately and non-consensually touch her. Initially, the user did not make it clear who allegedly mistreated her. The user later referred to her attacker as “Woo,” adding he worked for a Korean entertainment company. 

“I really want all his fans to know what type of person he is, but I am not famous so I cannot say anything,” she wrote. “People will blame it on us because we were in a bar recently and we knew it was wrong because of the virus, but he was also there.” Woojin dismissed what she had to say, noting her allegation included no time, date, or location. The second allegation, however, included a date and a location.

Woojin holding a microphone
Woojin | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

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The second allegation

According to Teen Vogue, another anonymous user said Woojin harassed them on April 29, 2020. The user posted an image of a bottle of whiskey he allegedly bought for them. In addition, they posted a photo showing what they said was Woojin’s hoodie. He did wear a sweatshirt with similar colors in a selfie posted on April 29 but it was not a hoodie. The user said she took the photo at 2:16 a.m.

Woojin responds to the allegations

Woojin responded to the issue. “I didn’t take it seriously when the issue first came up because it’s not true at all,” he told the South China Morning Post. “I knew that Twitter users often make up stories, but I was shocked that my case was spreading way faster than any of the other rumors.” In addition, Woojin apologized to his fans, but not for any sexual misconduct.

Felix and Woojin of Stray Kids with an umbrella
Felix standing net to fellow Stray Kids member Woojin |Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

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“I’m sorry for my fans who must have been confused by this issue, and I will try to be more cautious when I confront this kind of situation again,” Woojin said. “It’s very disappointing that this situation came up when I was working hard to meet my fans again. I’ve been having a really hard time during the past few weeks.”

Woojin’s label posts photos

Teen Vogue reports Woojin’s label, 10X Entertainment, responded to the allegations with a statement. “We are planning to take legal action against the false accusations made against Kim Woojin [and] we reveal photographic evidence to avoid any misunderstanding that fans may have.”

Stray Kids members sitting in a row
Stray Kids | Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

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In addition, 10X Entertainment posted a screenshot from Woojin’s phone. The screenshot showed he took the photo of himself in a sweatshirt on March 10, 2020, not on the day his accuser said he was wearing the sweatshirt. 10x Entertainment also published a photo of Woojin allegedly taken at his home an hour before his second accuser said she interacted with him.