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Yellowstone Season 5 began with a two-episode premiere event that included a shocking plot twist. At the end of the first episode — titled “One Hundred Years Is Nothing” — a very pregnant Monica Dutton (Kelsey Asbille) was on her way to the hospital when she got into a terrible car accident. 

Fan reaction to this tragic event was all over social media the moment the episode aired, but it probably wasn’t what Taylor Sheridan expected. Fans have made it clear they have a bone to pick with the creator over how that tragic event played out.

Yellowstone season 5 star Kelsey Asbille poses as a very pregnant Monica Dutton
Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton | Paramount Network

Kayce and Monica Dutton lost their baby in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 premiere

There was a time jump between seasons 4 and 5, which meant Monica was just three weeks from her due date in the recent Yellowstone premiere. She was at home with her son Tate (Brecken Merrill) experiencing painful cramps, while Kayce (Luke Grimes) was at work as Livestock Commissioner near the Canadian border.  

Monica decided to drive herself to the hospital in Billings with teenager Tate in the passenger’s seat — while Kayce promised to send an ambulance to meet her. As her pain got worse, Monica was racing down a dark two-lane Montana highway and struggling to drive. There was also a pickup truck coming toward her from the opposite direction, and a huge wild buffalo standing in the road between them.

The nasty car accident resulted in the death of Monica and Kayce’s baby, a son they named John.

Fans have a bone to pick with Taylor Sheridan

This tragic event was brutal to watch and had many fans in tears. But some took to Twitter to let Sheridan know that they weren’t happy about the shocking plot twist. Instead of Kayce and Monica’s baby boy losing his life, fans wanted Monica to die. They were hoping that the character was being written off the show.

“How much better of a storyline would it have been if Monica were killed in the accident, not baby John? I am so sick of her stupid behavior whining and victim mentality her stupidity nearly killed Tate also #Yellowstone,” one fan wrote.

“Couldn’t agree with you more!!! I would have loved to see her go and the baby still be delivered,” another fan replied.

‘Yellowstone’ fans have a real problem with Monica Dutton

Yellowstone trended on Twitter for hours after the season 5 premiere, and Monica was by far the character fans couldn’t stop talking about. Many fans have had a problem with the character since season 1, and they weren’t afraid to say it.

“#Yellowstone really made it their priority to make Monica the stupidest character on the show. Bih been making the dumbest decisions since S1E1 smfh,” one fan wrote.


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Another added, “I can’t stand Monica. STOP THA DAMN CAR! That was her fault. #Yellowstone.”

“How did I know Monica was going to do something stupid? Why couldn’t she wait or call an ambulance? This character is annoying and I guess the writers didn’t listen to our complaints,” a third fan shared.

New episodes of Yellowstone air Sunday nights on the Paramount Network.