‘Yellowstone’: Jefferson White Hints at Jimmy’s Future With Emily — and It Doesn’t Sound Good


  • Yellowstone season 4 saw the end of Jimmy and Mia’s romance when he was shipped to the Four Sixes Ranch.
  • In Texas Jimmy is growing closer to Emily.
  • But an offhand comment from Jefferson White sounds like the romance won’t last long.
Yellowstone star Jefferson White as Jimmy Hurdstrom on season 4 of the paramount hit
Jefferson White | Emerson Miller/Paramount

Yellowstone has sent Jefferson White’s character, Jimmy Hurdstrom, down to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas during season 4. The big move seemingly ended one romance for Jimmy, but started another. In a recent episode, Jimmy had his first date with vet tech Emily (Kathryn Kelly). But when White recently dropped a hint about Jimmy’s future with Emily, it didn’t sound good.

The ‘Yellowstone’ romance between Jimmy and Mia has ended

At the beginning of season 4, barrel racer Mia (Eden Brolin) stood by Jimmy’s side as he recovered from his injuries from getting bucked off a horse in the season 3 finale. But Jimmy had broken his word to John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Which resulted in Jimmy getting shipped off to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.

This caused Jimmy and Mia to call it quits, as the young wrangler was embarking on a new life outside of the Yellowstone Ranch. Jimmy was heartbroken about the split. But it didn’t take long for him to meet someone new at the 6666.

Jimmy and Emily had an interesting meet cute

In Season 4, Episode 7 “Keep the Wolves Close,” Yellowstone fans met Emily — a vet tech who was clearly smitten with Jimmy the moment she laid eyes on him. As a vet tech for the 6666, Emily has a messy job of collecting horse semen.

The ice was broken between her and Jimmy when she enlisted him to help her “collect” a stallion’s contribution to the ranch’s research lab. Emily forced Jimmy to apply a sheath to the horse’s penis to retrieve the specimen. Then, she immediately asked him out to dinner, explaining why he caught her eye.

“Look, you’re one of six single guys in this county under 30,” Emily told him. “Thought I’d go on and make my move before you go and get all scooped up.”

Jimmy accepted Emily’s offer and took her out to dinner. Then, the duo hooked up in her room.

Jefferson White hints that Jimmy and Emily’s future on ‘Yellowstone’ isn’t a good one

White recently appeared on an episode of Stories from the Bunkhouse with his co-stars Ian Bohen (Ryan) and Denim Richards (Colby). While discussing the many loves of Jimmy Hurdstrom during his run on Yellowstone, White got some inevitable teasing from his co-stars.

“Would you share with the table what it’s like to be a Casanova? How to talk to women?” Bohen asked. To which White admitted: “I don’t know why Jimmy is such a successful dater. This is Jimmy’s third girlfriend. Third girlfriend in three seasons. But none of them last long!”

That brief comment about none of his girlfriends lasting long hints that his relationship with Emily might have the same ending as Jimmy’s relationship with Mia by the time season 4 is over.

The horse masturbation scene was done in one take

White told Cinema Blend that when he filmed the horse masturbation scene with Kelly, they were surrounded by experts from the Four Sixes Ranch. He explained that it’s “one of the oldest, biggest, most prestigious cattle ranches and horse-training facilities in the world.”

“So we were surrounded by vet techs who do this hundreds of times a day, surrounded by the infrastructure for this massive, real-life working ranch,” White explained.

“So once again, I was kind of thrown in over my head as it were, and had to scramble to tread water. And we did that scene one time, you know? We did it in one take. The first time we did it is the time you see on screen, so that was another learning experience for me, to say the least.”

Jefferson White praises his new ‘Yellowstone’ co-star Kathryn Kelly

White says that his experience working with Kelly in season 4 hasn’t been what he expected. After four years on Yellowstone, he thought that when a new actor came in he would “show ’em the ropes.” He thought he would take care of Kelly and make sure she felt safe and protected on set. But that’s not how things went down.

“Within six hours of stepping on set, she was taking care of me, sort of consoling me in between takes, making sure that I was okay,” White revealed. “It’s so funny, anytime I think I’m going to be the seasoned veteran, I end up being the rookie again.”

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