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  • Yellowstone star Jen Landon thinks Taylor Sheridan is the GOAT.
  • Her character, Teeter, quickly became a fan-favorite even though Landon admits some of her dialect is “not English.”
  • Sheridan actually does something unique in the script to help Landon get it just right.
Jen Landon as Teeter on Yellowstone
Jen Landon | Paramount

Yellowstone fans have fallen in love with Jen Landon’s Teeter, the lone female ranch hand on Taylor Sheridan’s popular western. But just because they love her, it doesn’t mean they can understand her. Which is part of what makes the character so great.

Teeter’s speaking patterns and habits have been quite the challenge for the actor. According to Landon, Sheridan does something unique that helps her get Teeter’s dialect just right.

The ‘Yellowstone’ star says Taylor Sheridan is the ‘GOAT’

Landon appeared at a recent Yellowstone fan event with co-stars Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Jake Ream (Jake), and Sheridan. She shared some images from the day on her Instagram Story, and told her followers that Sheridan was the GOAT — aka the “greatest of all time.”

“I don’t know why I look like I’m always on my way to socking someone in the face, but I was about to hug the s*** out of this guy, because Mr. T is the GOAT, darn it,” Landon wrote.

It was clear that Landon was having a good time interacting with fans. Every time a fan approached the table asking for a selfie with Grimes, Landon and Ream would take a silly one of their own.

Denim Richards was confused by Jennifer Landon’s audition tape

Fans know that Denim Richards plays Teeter’s love interest Colby on Yellowstone, and they’ve become a popular couple on the show. But when Richards first saw Landon’s audition tape, he admits he was a little confused.

“Taylor was really excited about this character and I remember when I had the opportunity to see her audition tape. She’s super cool and has lots of energy but aren’t we supposed to understand what she says?” Richards explained, per Outsider.

‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan has a unique way of helping Jen Landon with Teeter’s dialect

Richards was referring to the fact that Teeter’s southern accent is often impossible for anyone to understand. Fans never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. But even if they did, they would need subtitles to catch it all.

On the Official Yellowstone Podcast, Landon revealed that Sheridan does something unique to help her get Teeter’s dialect just right.

“Taylor wrote it phonetically, which was fantastic. I remember when I saw the signs, at first glance I was like ‘What?’” Landon told podcast host Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom). “The sounds are totally spelled out. And when I kinda did this first thing like, ‘How long is this audition? ‘ I was like, ‘One of these languages is not English.’”

Teeter has always made sense to Jen Landon

Landon continued, saying that she’s never had any problem understanding her character. However, she appreciates that Sheridan sounded some words out for her.

“I was tickled by the fact that she always made sense to me. I always knew exactly what she was saying and that was not the case for a lot of people who would read it,” Landon explained.

“But being able to hold on to it being sounded out was so liberating for me. And I’m just amazed that when Taylor writes at a clip, he can also write gibberish or phonetic English at a clip. It’s sort of shocking how well he writes that.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ star says playing Teeter has been an emotional experience

Landon joined the cast of Yellowstone in season 3. And she admits there’s some serious genre similarities between her role as a ranch hand and her father Michael Landon’s iconic turn as Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza.

“The fact that I get to ride horses for work and learn about this is … Amazing,” Landon explained, per Outsider.


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“It’s really interesting, because Bonanza preceded my experience of him. I watched Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven. There’s a tremendous synchronicity about the whole thing. It’s been a very emotional experience at times.”

Yellowstone seasons 1 through 3 are available on Peacock. Season 4 is expected to hit the streamer in the spring.