‘Yellowstone’: Kelly Reilly Got Cold Feet About Beth’s Wedding Dress, But Taylor Sheridan Shot Down Her Alternative Idea

The Yellowstone Season 4 finale included the last-minute wedding of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). The extremely non-traditional ceremony featured Beth kidnapping a priest at gunpoint and wearing a slinky gold dress that she used moments earlier in her scheme to threaten a man in prison — combined with a luxurious, white fur coat.

Reilly admits that she got cold feet about wearing this much-talked about fashion choice. But when she offered up an alternative idea to creator Taylor Sheridan, he shot her down.

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly poses in a green dress at the Paramount upfronts
Kelly Reilly | Mary Kouw/CBS via Getty Images

Kelly Reilly reveals what Beth Dutton really cared about during her wedding in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 finale

Reilly told Entertainment Tonight after the Yellowstone Season 4 finale that she loved Beth and Rip’s wedding because it was “just so typical Beth.” 

“She’s just not interested in having a wedding party or a wedding dress or any of that. All she cares about is being his wife and she knows that… I kind of find her slightly heroic in a really messed up way,” Reilly confessed.

“I mean the way it went down was pretty wild,” Hauser added. “Her storming in and her gold dress, her dad [Kevin Costner as John Dutton] and I looking at her and going, ‘What in the hell is she up to now?’ Then she has a priest that she’s kidnapped. It’s pretty wild.”

Kelly Reilly got cold feet about Beth’s wedding dress

It was Reilly who found the eye-popping gold chainmail dress that Beth wore for her and Rip’s wedding. She says she found it online while searching for “the most gangster-moll dress” she could have. 

But at the dress fitting, Reilly says she had second thoughts about wearing it and questioned her ability to “pull this off.” According to TV Insider, this is the point when the British actress called Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and pitched him another idea.

Reilly said, “‘Taylor, wouldn’t it be nice if she runs home, goes into her father’s closet and puts on her mother’s wedding dress?’ He went, ‘Nah.’ And I got it: Beth doesn’t give a f— what people think of her. She makes me a braver actor.”

Beth is ‘feeling pretty good’ at the beginning of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Reilly revealed that going into season 5, Beth is “feeling pretty good about everything” and she’s “confident that things are going to be looked after better.” 

In addition to marrying her longtime love, Beth has blackmailed her adopted brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) into once again working for the Dutton family.

“[Beth and John] are using Jamie to put things through that they wouldn’t be able to do. They need him working for the family. It’s like working for the mob,” Reilly said.

But, it’s Beth’s marriage to Rip that really has Reilly’s character in a “beautiful, solid place.”

“There’s something magical for her that this is now, finally, her husband, her person forever. Marriage for her is a wonderful thing,” Reilly concluded.

Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere Sunday, November 13 on the Paramount Network. Seasons 1 through 4 are now playing on Peacock.

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