‘Yellowstone’ Star Cole Hauser Shares a ‘Little Slice of Heaven’ from Behind-the-Scenes of Season 5

Yellowstone Season 5 is currently in production in Montana. And star Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) has offered up a few behind-the-scenes updates on social media. In a recent post, the 47-year-old actor shared images from the Bitterroot Valley that he dubbed “a little slice of heaven.” But as the Yellowstone storyline warns, that spectacular land is in serious trouble.

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser attends the premiere party for Paramount Network’s season 2 at Lombardi House on May 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California
Cole Hauser | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Cole Hauser shares a ‘little slice of heaven’ from behind-the-scenes of ‘Yellowstone’

Hauser doesn’t post often from the set of Yellowstone. But when he does, he offers up some breathtaking views. In late July, the Dazed & Confused alum shared three pics from his day at work. 

The images featured the Dutton Ranch’s prized cattle and horses, as well as Hauser’s view on horseback. He made it very clear that he doesn’t need WiFi to do his job.

“Pushin cows in the Big Hole… just a slice of heaven. @yellowstone YS5 “ No WiFi out here, but I promise you will find a better connection,” Hauser wrote in the caption.

In the comments, Cole’s co-star Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) replied: “The best day.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 will be the biggest season yet

The first four seasons of Yellowstone featured no more than 10 episodes each. But now that Taylor Sheridan’s neo-western is the most-watched show on television, they are expanding Season 5 and splitting it into two parts. The upcoming season of Yellowstone will feature a total of 14 episodes, which will be divided in half with two seven-episode blocks. 

According to Reilly, the super-sized season means that the Dutton story will get bigger with more adversaries lurking. And it’s a reflection of what’s really happening now in the American West.

“They’re [Dutton adversaries] coming. They’re infringing. It’s like what is really happening in Montana. It is being bought up by billionaires. People come here because they love what I just showed you [spectacular views of Montana], but they’re going to destroy it because they come here,” Reilly told Vulture.

“The amount of cement, and building, and taking from the land. Where’s the water going to be cleared for the sewage? What is the effect on the environment? They can’t protect it without playing dirty.”

The ‘Dutton Kingdom’ gets bigger in season 5

At the end of Yellowstone Season 4, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) made a big move in an attempt to save his ranch by declaring his candidacy for Montana governor. Reilly says that this was a “light-switch moment” for Beth because she didn’t think her father would be willing to do something like that since he’s not a politician.

“Beth understands this will be the way she can manipulate power in order to shut down the airport and shut down Market Equities. So when he — I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell you that,” Reilly stopped herself before giving away too much. 

When asked if John Dutton will become the governor of Montana in season 5, Reilly wouldn’t say. But, she did share some details about what’s coming for her character. 

“I will say as the kingdom gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to manage. In a strange way, at the beginning of season five, Beth is probably at her most powerful. But how she toes the line of that is going to be interesting.”

Yellowstone Season 5 (part one) premieres Sunday, November 13 on the Paramount Network.

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