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Yellowstone star Kelsey Asbille says that working with Taylor Sheridan has been a life-changing experience. It was her work on Sheridan’s film Wind River that got her an audition for the role of Monica Dutton on Yellowstone. And the impact this has had on both her life and career has been profound. But Asbille doesn’t just sing Sheridan’s praises. She’s also got some major love for the Yellowstone cast.

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Asbille revealed how she feels about some of her co-stars, including the man who plays patriarch John Dutton: Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone Kelsey Asbille and Kevin Costner attend the Paramount Network’s season 2 Premiere Party at Lombardi House on May 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Kelsey Asbille and Kevin Costner | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network

Kelsey Asbille was ‘over the moon’ when she landed the role of Monica on ‘Yellowstone’

Asbille came to admire Sheridan’s work during the filming of Wind River, but she never expected him to reach out after production wrapped. However, it wasn’t long before she got the call about auditioning for the role of Monica. And she says she was “over the moon” when she realized she got the part.

“He called me and told me that he had written the script and wanted me to read it and take a look at Monica. Which is just so surreal because I just admire him so much in his work, so much that I was, uh, I was over the moon,” Asbille said.

“I remember putting myself on tape, and he wrote me back and said, All right, well, I’ll give you some notes on set. And that was kind of the end of it,” Asbille revealed. “It was really cool.”

The former ‘One Tree Hill’ star admits she’s still starstruck by Kevin Costner

We asked Asbille to give us her thoughts on the main cast, and she confessed to us that she’s “still starstruck” by Kevin Costner, who plays family patriarch John Dutton, and she’s “not sure it will ever go away.” 

“He’s such a legend, such a professional, such a leader on set. And he handles everything with such grace. I love working with him,” Asbille said.

The actress noted that her “partner in crime” on set is Luke Grimes, who plays Monica’s husband Kayce Dutton. She says they are good friends off set, and she feels “really lucky to be on this Yellowstone journey with him.”

Kelsey Asbille loves her ‘Yellowstone’ co-stars

Asbille described Kelly Reilly — aka Beth Dutton — as “masterful,” and someone who she really looks up to both as a woman and an actress. And, she described Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) as “a hoot.”

“He is incredible as Rip. I love watching his performance, but he also jests. There’s a cheekiness to him that I just adore,” Asbille said.

When it comes to Wes Bentley — who plays troubled adopted son Jamie Dutton — Asbille says she’s glad he’s not like his on-screen character.


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“Wes is a master. Jamie is not an easy role, by any means. He’s incredible and really kind and nothing like his character, thank God,” Asbille said.

As for the actor who plays her on-screen son Tate — Brecken Merrill — Asbille says she can’t believe how much he’s grown up in the first four seasons.

“I watched Brecken grow up, and now he is, my God, I cannot believe it. He looks like a man,” Asbille said. “I’m really excited also to see him grow into his own. Not only as a young man, but also as an actor. And I’m really excited this season. I’m just excited to see him continue.”

Yellowstone Season 5 premieres Sunday, Nov. 13 on the Paramount Network.