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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode Recap: Jake Creates His Own ‘Parent Trap’

The first two episodes of season 8 of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' premiered on NBC on Aug. 12. Season 8 episode 2, titled 'The Lake House,' takes inspiration from the famed story, 'The Parent Trap.' In the episode, Jake Peralta desperately tries to reunite Captain Raymond Holt and his husband, Kevin Cozner, through a series of schemes with the help of Terry Jeffords.

Episode Recap: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Returns for Season 8

Season 8 episode 1 of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' titled 'The Good Ones,' premiered on NBC on Aug. 12. The episode attempts to answer a bunch of tough questions about policing while also exploring the emotional impact of the pandemic. This article recaps the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' episode.