Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur at ‘Poetic Justice’ premiere | Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

Tupac Shakur is an American rapper who is known to be one of the most iconic rappers of all time. He died at the age of 25 in a drive-by shooting in 1996.

He was born Lesane Parish Crooks but his mother later changed his name to Tupac Amaru after joining the Black Panther Party. The name hails from a Peruvian revolutionary.

Tupac released 11 platinum albums. Four were released during his career and seven were released posthumously. Tupac has sold more than 75 million records around the globe, to date.

  • Full name: Tupac Amaru Shakur
  • Stage name: 2Pac
  • Age: 25 years old (Born on June 16, 1971)
  • Death: September 13, 1996, at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, NV
  • Net worth: $200,000 at time of death
  • Record label: Death Row Records, Interscope Records, Jive Records, Amaru Entertainment, Out Da Gutta Records, Makaveli Records
  • Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop

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