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1883 episode 10 marks the end of the first season of the Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone prequel. And episode 9 left fans with more questions than answers. After Elsa Dutton is struck with a filthy arrow through her stomach, James and Margaret Dutton quietly admit that they believe their daughter will die. Here’s what actor Tim McGraw said about James’s mental state during his travels, and his thoughts on Elsa.

[Spoiler alert: 1883 episode 9 spoilers ahead.]

How old is James Dutton in ‘1883’? He leads his family across the Great Plains

Tim McGraw as James Dutton in '1883.' James stands in front of the Livery Stable.
Tim McGraw as James Dutton | Emerson Miller/Paramount+

James and Margaret Dutton begin their journey across the Great Plains from the South. They hope to find land to call their own in Oregon — and Shea and Thomas help lead the Duttons, as well as other immigrants, up North. Unfortunately, the road to Oregon hasn’t been easy. Margaret lost her sister to suicide early in the trip, and right before 1883 episode 10, their daughter, Elsa Dutton, was shot with an arrow.

So, how old is James Dutton in 1883? Reddit users deduced he’s likely around 44 years old. He fought for the Confederate Army in his 20s, which certainly colors how he looks at the world through his travels with his family.

“I think James’ motivation was to get his family to an untainted part of the world,” Tim McGraw said on The Official Yellowstone Podcast. “That’s really what he wanted to do. And he was trying to outrun ghosts. He was trying to get past some of the ghosts in his life.”

Does Elsa Dutton die? Tim McGraw says James Dutton doesn’t have hope for his daughter

Elsa Dutton with an arrow through her midsection talking to a Native American on a horse in '1883' episode 9
Isabel May as Elsa Dutton | Emerson Miller/Paramount+

The events leading up to 1883 episode 10 look dire for Elsa Dutton. Elsa was shot by a Native American tribe who thought her people killed their people. After speaking the language of her husband to them, she was spared. And Margaret Dutton assisted her in removing the arrow and cauterizing the wound. But when speaking privately to each other in episode 9, James Dutton expressed grave concern over Elsa’s condition due to the filthy state of the arrow.

Ahead of the 1883 finale, TVLine asked Tim McGraw whether James thinks Elsa will die.

“I don’t think he has any hope at all,” McGraw told the publication with a laugh.

There’s no guarantee Elsa dies, though. While Isabel May’s character alluded to it right from the beginning of the show, more episodes of the prequel have been ordered, which means we could see more of Elsa when the show returns after episode 10. But, considering the Duttons in Yellowstone settle in Montana, this may allude James and Margaret Dutton never make it to Oregon.

The ‘1883’ Season 2 cast may bring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill back

James Dutton and Margaret Dutton sitting next to each other and looking out in '1883'
Tim McGraw as James Dutton and Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton | Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Sam Elliott Said Taylor Sheridan’s Part for Him in ‘Yellowstone’ ‘Didn’t Speak’ to Him

Little is known about 1883 Season 2, though Paramount+ plans to bring the Yellowstone prequel back for additional episodes. We anticipate 1883 episode 10 will show Elsa Dutton’s death, as her death has been foreshadowed since the very beginning. But it likely won’t mark the end of the journey for James and Margaret Dutton.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the real-life married couple who play the characters, haven’t spoken about returning to the show. But they certainly adore working with creator Taylor Sheridan and bringing Sheridan’s vision to life. Another season of the show will likely bridge the gap between the end of 1883 and the beginning of Yellowstone. Additionally, fans believe the Duttons have another son, Spencer. More episodes could go through another pregnancy for Margaret.

1883 episode 10 airs Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022, on Paramount+.

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