5 More Shows Like ‘The Umbrella Academy’ to Watch Now

The Netflix series The Umbrella Academy is a hit, boasting an 86% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Since its premiere in February 2019, the show has garnered a sizable following, and with good reason. For fans looking for more superhero action, below are five shows like The Umbrella Academy.

What is ‘The Umbrella Academy’ about?

Shows like The Umbrella Academy
A scene from ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Episode 10 | Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

For the uninitiated: The Umbrella Academy follows the bizarre lives of seven people born on the same day to different mothers who didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth. A mysterious billionaire adopts the children and turns them into a ragtag team of crimefighters known as the Umbrella Academy. Based on Gerard Way’s comic book series, the show is set in the present day but features time travel.

With each member having a distinct superpower and personality, the show is action-packed and full of suspense. All three seasons are streaming on Netflix. If you’re looking for similar content while you wait for season 4, here are five shows like The Umbrella Academy.

1. ‘The Boys’ (2019–present)

Fans of The Umbrella Academy and superheroes will love The Boys. It’s based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic book series of a similar name. The show follows a group of vigilantes trying to take down a corrupt organization of supervillains abusing their powers.

The first three seasons of The Boys are available on Prime Video.

2. ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ (2016–2022)

Like The Umbrella Academy, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow follows a group of superheroes. The series is a spinoff featuring various figures from The Flash and Arrow, along with new characters, set within the same fictional universe as DC Comics’ Arrowverse.

Legends of Tomorrow follows a time traveler who comes to learn of the evil Vandal Savage’s plan to bring about the apocalypse and destroy Earth and time. So the protagonist assembles the superheroes to save the world and thwart the villain’s diabolical plan. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is available on The CW.

3. ‘Future Man’ (2017–present)

If you’re looking for a series similar to The Umbrella Academy in terms of its humor and action, watch Future Man. The sci-fi series follows a janitor recruited by time-traveling soldiers to help save the world from extinction.

Future Man is an excellent option for fans of The Umbrella Academy looking for a more comedic show. The first two seasons of Future Man are available on Hulu.

4. ‘Titans’ (2018–present)

If you love The Umbrella Academy, check out Titans. Both shows are based on comic book series and follow a group of superheroes. However, Titans is darker and more mature than The Umbrella Academy.

The series follows a group of young superheroes trying to stop a criminal organization called The H.I.V.E. Now in its third season, Titans is available to stream on HBO Max.

5. ‘Watchmen’ (2019)

Looking for a show like The Umbrella Academy in terms of superhero theming and action? Check out Watchmen. This series is based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel of the same name.

The show transpires in an alternate history where superheroes are real but outlawed. A group of vigilantes tries to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the world. All nine episodes of Watchmen are available on HBO.

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