50 Cent Can’t Listen to Joe Budden’s ‘Pump It Up’ Anymore

50 Cent is one of the most famous rappers alive, however, he doesn’t enjoy all popular rap music. For example, he said he once enjoyed Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up” but he can no longer listen to it for a very specific reason. Here’s what he had to say — and what Budden had to say about the song in retrospect.

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50 Cent can’t listen to this ‘truly great track’ anymore

During an interview with NME’s Gavin Haynes, 50 Cent discussed his musical taste, including the songs that influenced him. Haynes asked him if there’s a song he can’t listen to anymore. He named Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up.”

“There’s certain artists who ride the wave of their first song, and it’s only later that you start to realize who they are and what they’re about,” 50 said. “Once that happens, maybe it’s difficult to listen to that first track that you loved and love it in the same way. For me, I feel like this guy made a great track but I wasn’t into what he was selling after that. Everything he’s done since has made me less into this track.”

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Did the world like Joe Budden’s ‘Pump It Up’ as much as 50 Cent did?

While 50 Cent can no longer listen to “Pump It Up,” the American public embraced it. It reached No. 38 on the Billboard Hot 100, staying on the chart for 19 weeks. It remains Budden’s highest-charting single. His only other songs to reach the chart are “Clubbin,” “She Don’t Put It Down,” and “Whatever U Want.”

Why Joe Budden has mixed feelings on ‘Pump It Up’

Interestingly, Budden himself told Billboard he has mixed feelings on “Pump It Up.” He hates the song’s music video because of the haircut he sported in it. In addition, he doesn’t think the video aged well. If he were to make a video for “Pump It Up” today, it would be a lot less energetic.

“Pump It Up”

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On the other hand, Budden said finding success at a young age with “Pump It Up” had some perks. “It’s a gift and a curse,” he said. “It was a huge blessing because, at that time, a lot of people… the shelf was a weird thing back then. I got signed and came out with an album rather quickly, which expedited my learning experience in the music business. That’s where the blessing comes in.”

Joe Budden’s ‘Pump It Up’ has a connection to 50 Cent’s ‘In da Club’

Notably, “Pump It Up” was nominated for the now-defunct Grammy Award for Best Male Rap Solo Performance in 2004, alongside 50’s single “In da Club.” Both songs lost the award to Eminem’s classic rap rock track “Lose Yourself.” While 50 isn’t a fan of “Pump It Up,” he shares a connection to it.

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