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Kanye West just released a disturbing new music video for his song “Eazy,” in which he kidnaps, decapitates, and buries Pete Davidson alive. Here’s what fans are saying about the sinister video and why the timing of its release is so important. 

Pete Davidson poses at an event.
Pete Davidson | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

Kanye West buries Pete Davidson alive in his disturbing new music video for ‘Eazy’

On Mar. 2, Kanye West and The Game released a music video for their song “Eazy.” The black and white video uses both claymation and live-action to illustrate West kidnapping Pete Davidson and burying him alive. The rapper holds and strokes the comedian’s decapitated head while rapping lyrics, “I can beat Pete Davidon’s a–.”

In one scene, the rapper buries the Saturday Night Live star up to his neck, scattering flower seeds over him that sprout from the comedian’s head. The rapper waters the roses and cuts enough of them to fill the bed of a truck, alluding to the truckload of roses he sent his ex, Kim Kardashian, for Valentine’s Day.

The video ends with a black screen reading, “Everyone lived happily ever after.” The next screen says, “Except you know who,” with the word “Skete” crossed out. The final shot reads, “JK he’s fine.” “Skete” is the name West has been calling Davidson on social media.

The rapper has been open about his animosity toward the comedian since Davidson has been dating West’s ex (Kim Kardashian) for months as the former couple navigates their divorce. 

Fans are having strong reactions to the ‘Eazy’ music video, and many are concerned for Pete Davidson

Kanye West’s “Eazy” music video is eliciting some strong reactions from fans, many of whom are voicing concerns for both the rapper and Pete Davidson.

“This is disturbing,” one fan wrote in the comments section of the music video on YouTube. “I hope it just stays online and nothing tragic happens to anyone involved.”

“Being psychotic and making a music video stating the Illuminati is behind it and that Pete Davidson should be buried alive is a pretty sick way of living,” another person commented. “To further state that you’re not listening to a therapist anymore and not willing to work on your problems shows emotional and mental instability and immaturity. We’re watching a man child not get what he wants and then essentially threatening to kill Pete.”

Others didn’t take the threats in West’s video and lyrics so seriously, merely describing them as “petty” and leaving comments like, “Kanye’s making songs like a middle schooler during his first breakup.”

And some fans praised the musician for his work with comments like, “I love this. Adult swim meets classic Kanye artistry.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pose together at an event.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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Kanye West released his music video hours after Kim Kardashian was declared legally single

The timing of Kanye West’s “Eazy” music video release is notable. The rapper’s video came out hours after his ex, Kim Kardashian, was declared legally single. The reality star also officially dropped the last name “West.”

Kardashian filed to change her marital status to single and remove her ex’s last name in December 2021. She had filed for divorce from West several months earlier in February. Recent court documents stated that West’s social media posts were causing “emotional distress” for Kardashian. 

Although the rapper previously expressed fervent desire to reconcile with Kardashian, Hollywood Unlocked reported that West requested that the divorce be expedited. “I’ve asked my team to expedite the dissolution of my marriage to Kim so I can put my entire attention into our beautiful children,” he reportedly told the publication.