Former ‘NCIS’ Star Michael Weatherly Describes Jason Bull as a ‘Strange Prism’

Though Michael Weatherly will remain forever tied to NCIS as former very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, he currently plays the main protagonist in the CBS original Bull. The show premiered in 2016 to critical condemnation due to its reliance on legal tropes, yet everyday viewers enjoy watching, and the drama has now been on the air for five seasons. 

Michael Weatherly as Jason Bull in 'Bull'
Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull Image is a screen grab |by CBS via Getty Images

During an interview with HeyUGuys, Weatherly talked about the series and highlighted his character, Jason Bull, explaining why he views the man as a “strange prism.” He also discussed the “lens on society” that he feels Bull provides audiences. 

Michael Weatherly talks about ‘Bull:’ How the show continues to grow

Michael Weatherly explained that Bull is in-touch with the technologically-dependent society we currently live in, yet grows and shifts its focus as the series develops. He shared: 

“Bull is this great lens on society and we’ve gone away from the screens and all the technology and the deep dives of Twitter and Facebook and social media aspect of the season 1 of the show, which was very caught up in the information age and the technology, and now it’s much more about these social themes. I think the show will keep changing, I don’t think it’ll stay there, I think as we go through it is reflecting how turbulent everything is.”

Weatherly | HeyUGuys

The former NCIS star went on to explain that his character is “interesting to him,” — how he responds to situations is what keeps Weatherly intrigued and on his toes. 

Jason Bull is a ‘strange prism…a reflection of the best and the worst in us,’ according to the lead actor 

Weatherly went on to address his character, in particular, stating:

“How Bull responds is interesting to me because I feel like he is this strange prism that everything gets run through. He is a reflection of the best and the worst in us. The best because he wants truth and he wants an answer and he wants the right thing to be done, but he’ll do the wrong thing to get to the right. And then all of a sudden, he’ll flip. He’ll represent one side of a case and he will adamantly and fervently say this is the only way, and then the next case he’ll represent the opposite voice, and that to me is a really fun show to work on…”

Weatherly | HeyUGuys

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Weatherly enjoys the character’s unpredictability; Bull is a man who shifts his approach depending on the subject at hand, and that flip-flopping keeps it all very exciting day after day, season after season.