How Many Calories Does a Victoria’s Secret Model Eat in a Day?

We’ve seen them on the catwalk, in advertisements, and, of course, in the world-famous fashion show that gets everyone’s attention every year. We’re talking about the Victoria’s Secret fashion models, of course. Though not every model for the signature lingerie and clothing brand is in the spotlight all the time, they’re definitely honing their craft each and every day through coaching and training. And, of course, a huge part of being in the Victoria’s Secret family is having the ideal model body.

So, do the model exist on just salads up until their big runway shows, or are they eating way more calories than we’d expect? Here’s what they’ve said.

Many models aren’t under any calorie restrictions

Many would assume all of the models under contract would be tracking calories consistently, but such does not seem to be the case. Instead, many stick to intuitive eating and their exercise routine to help keep them slim. According to Express, Stella Maxwell, who first became a Victoria’s Secret Angel back in 2015, said she mostly eats everything in moderation. “I don’t think it’s good to cut anything out 100 per cent or go on some crazy diet,” she mentioned. It does seem like she keeps her diet quite clean, however, as she also said she likes eggs, salmon, or chicken as her protein sources, and she has avocado, oatmeal, or salad to accompany the proteins.

Josephine Skriver, who’s been an Angel since 2016, also believes heavily in lifestyle choices over diet. Even though her diet also appears to be quite clean, she lets herself cheat here and there for her sanity. “I don’t follow anything strictly. I just eat a lot of protein and a lot of veggies, and I make sure I get my carbs because the way I work out, I need healthier carbs like brown rice or sweet potatoes because if I cut out carbs, I would have no energy to do what I do,” the publication notes she said.

Model Heidi Klum created a diet plan for 1,200 per day

It seems the more modern approach to life as a model is moderation, but it seems famous supermodel Heidi Klum has more traditional methods of keeping slim. According to, after Heidi became a mom, she started the New York Body Plan diet. The plan is incredibly strict, as it allegedly requires its followers to cut out bread, dairy, desserts, and alcohol. Not only that, but she also instructs that only 1,200 calories are eaten daily. We’re not sure if this is the plan she followers every day or just when she’s trying to slim down for a photo shoot, but even so — it sounds quite extreme to us.

Women’s Health has also discussed Heidi’s diet, and as expected, it’s ultra clean. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are carefully portioned out and rich in protein, veggies, and fiber. As for snacks, she’ll typically allow herself yogurt, fruit, or nuts — and dessert can be a piece of dark chocolate.

Other models have said they eaten anywhere from 800 to 3,000 calories per day

In essence, a model’s diet totally varies depending on their body type, how easily they gain or lose weight, and what their nutritionist is asking of them. Model Bridget Malcolm has written in the past about her horrific experience with a nutritionist who requested she eat just 800 calories per day, People reports. Bridget explained that she was underweight according to her BMI, but it wasn’t thin enough. “Any trained dietician would probably recommend me putting on a few pounds. But, this person thought I needed ‘all the help I could get’ to lose that pesky extra weight that was regulating my hormones and keeping me healthy,” she added. Thankfully, now she’s vowed to give up dieting for good.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, model Taylor Hill has claimed she eats up to 3,000 calories per day ahead of a Victoria’s Secret show, Harper’s Bazaar reports. As she told The Sunday Times, “There’s no way you look like that and don’t eat. You would die. Victoria’s Secret girls are like athletes. We’re like Olympians. We’re strong.”

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