Lizzo Has Tried Some of the Strangest TikTok Food Combos

Lizzo might have risen to fame as a music star and flute player extraordinaire. But in recent months, the award-winning singer has received newfound acclaim as a food critic and culinary influencer. Not only does Lizzo love sharing information about her vegan diet with her fans and followers, but she’s also open to trying some not-so-appealing food combinations. In a recent series of TikTok videos, Lizzo tried a few of the viral food combos that have been making waves on social media, and in them she shares her thoughts on the strange concoctions. 

Lizzo is open about her love of food and cooking

Lizzo, singer and creator of a viral chicken sandwich recipe, looks into the camera
Lizzo did a lot while sheltering in place in 2020. She attended the virtual BET Awards, and she went viral for her chicken sandwich recipe. | BET2020/Getty Images for BET NETWORKS

Fans don’t have to look too hard to find proof of Lizzo’s love of food. In fact, her Instagram handle, @lizzobeeating, is a direct reference to her passion for the culinary arts. A role model for body positivity, Lizzo doesn’t share “typical” celebrity food content and doesn’t post about restrictive food habits. In fact, she loves to indulge in healthy staples and delicious treats, all in the name of self-love.

Lizzo loves to eat out at her favorite local restaurants, but she also likes to cook at home. In fact, according to The List, the singer prides herself on her ability to make a delicious breakfast, including French toast, pancakes, omelets, and even nutrient-packed green smoothies. When she made the switch to a vegan diet, Lizzo started experimenting with creating exciting new versions of comfort food favorites, such as meatless meatballs in a savory sauce in place of traditional spaghetti and meatballs. 

What interesting TikTok food combos has Lizzo tried?

Lizzo is always open to trying new food combinations, and her TikTok is living proof of that. In late 2021, Lizzo posted a series of videos where she tried out different food combinations that had gone viral, including mustard and Oreo cookies.

In the 59-second TikTok video, Lizzo removes an Oreo cookie from the package, squirts a generous dollop of mustard on top of the cookie, and takes a bite. She looks contemplative before taking another cookie from the package, this time removing the top and squirting mustard on top of the cream filling. While Lizzo didn’t offer her thoughts on the unusual combination, she didn’t seem disgusted by the mustard and Oreo snack, so it might be worthwhile for fans to give it a try.

Another one of Lizzo’s TikTok videos features the “Juice” singer trying out a dish of spaghetti topped with vegan ranch. Lizzo said that she was “excited” to try it as she mixed the ranch in with the bowl of spaghetti, topping the finished dish with chili flakes and some other seasonings. “It’s creamy,” she admitted, as she took a bite, expressing her approval through appreciative sounds. 

Lizzo has dished on her favorite vegan meals and snacks

Lizzo has tried a few other viral food trends over the past year, including the popular “nature’s cereal” food trend. To make her cereal, Lizzo combined a lot of fresh fruit, including blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranate in a bowl, and topped the fruit with a lot of coconut water. She added some ice cubes to the mix before testing it out and raving, “Oh, it’s good.”

Outside unusual and outrageous food combinations, Lizzo likes to keep it simple in the kitchen. A few of her favorite vegan meals and snacks include a vegan Hot Cheetos alternative, peanut butter and jelly smoothies made with oat milk and frozen strawberries, and salads filled with lots of fresh vegetables. Through it all, Lizzo is proving that a plant-based lifestyle is anything but boring.

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