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  • On the latest episode of Married of First Sight, Krysten opened up about a traumatic past relationship. 
  • She revealed to Mitch that a previous engagement had ended just weeks before her wedding when she learned her fiancé had been cheating on her. 
  • She was worried about how Mitch would react, but he was sympathetic and supportive.  
Krysten, wearing a green sleeveless top, during an appearance on 'Married at First Sight: Afterparty'
Krysten on ‘Married at First Sight: Afterparty’ | Lifetime via YouTube

Krysten and Mitch have reached a new milestone in their relationship. The Married at First Sight couple got off to a rocky start, but on the latest episode of the Lifetime reality series, she revealed one of her biggest secrets to her husband. Though Krysten was worried about how Mitch would react, his response left her feeling hopeful about their relationship’s future. 

Krysten from ‘Married at First Sight’ has some serious relationship trauma in her past

When Krysten signed up for Married at First Sight, she shared her difficult relationship history with the show’s experts. Several years ago, she was engaged to a man she’d been dating for years. Shortly before the wedding, a woman reached out to her and said she’d been having an affair with Krysten’s fiancé for the past six months. 

Once she learned she’d been betrayed, Krysten immediately called off the wedding. Because she couldn’t get any of her money back for the destination wedding she’d already planned, she and her friends and family still went on the trip, treating it as a vacation. 

Krysten’s failed engagement understandably led to some trust issues. As a result, she hasn’t been completely open with her new husband Mitch about her past, she told her friend during the August 24 episode of the show.  

“Mitch does not know anything about that,” she said. “I have told guys in the past. Every time I have told that story, though, it has not ended well for me. No one has been kind on the receiving end and they’ve looked at it like something is wrong with me.” 

Krysten takes a risk and opens up to Mitch 

Given the way that men she’d dated in the past had reacted to the news of her broken engagement, Krysten was understandably apprehensive about opening up to Mitch. But when she did share the story with him, he was understanding and supportive (though he did initially think her decision to go on her destination wedding trip was “weird.”)

Mitch asked it was OK if he responded, and held her hand while he shared his thoughts. 

“I’m sorry that happened to you, first and foremost,” he said. “That doesn’t phase me, because you didn’t do anything wrong. It doesn’t change anything for me. It doesn’t change how I feel.”

He went on to assure her that he’d never treat her the way that her ex did, explaining that if he had an issue with their relationship, he’d approach her about it honestly.

Krysten was relieved by Mitch’s reaction. 

“He was just so sweet and understanding,” she said in a confessional. “I fully, fully trust him. I’m feeling so good about my future with Mitch.’ 

Krysten says her opinion of Mitch changed after their conversation


‘Married at First Sight’: Mitch Thinks Krysten Might Be Too ‘Mainstream’ for Him

Krysten was a guest on Married at First Sight: Afterparty, where she reflected on how the tough conversation changed her opinion of Mitch for the better. 

She told host Keshia Knight Pulliam that Mitch’s reaction “absolutely” shifted her perception of her husband of two weeks. 

“He’s finally being emotionally available for me,” she said. “He wasn’t just judging me. He was listening to me. Him and I are building a really strong connection, so I felt very safe to tell him and I had exactly the response I was wanting.” 

“He has so many great qualities,” she added. 

New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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