‘Married at First Sight’: Miguel’s Behavior Is Raising Huge Red Flags, According to Some Fans

Does Lindy need to watch out? Some Married at First Sight fans think so. After a tense episode that saw her and her husband Miguel get involved in an escalating series of arguments, viewers are drawing attention to what they see as some huge red flags in their relationship. 

Lindy and Miguel got into a major argument during the ‘Married at First Sight’ couples retreat 

Miguel wearing a blue button down shirt on 'Married at First Sight' Season 15
Miguel on ‘Married at First Sight’ | Lifetime via YouTube

There’s roughly a week left until Decision Day, and the Married at First Sight Season 15 couples are feeling the pressure. That’s especially the case for Lindy and Miguel, who were dealing with some serious tension during the couples’ retreat. 

What should have been a special weekend turned into something else entirely when an argument over a photo spiraled into a bigger conflict about the state of their relationship and their ability to communicate effectively. Miguel had helped organize a prom-themed party for his wife, who didn’t get the chance to attend a prom as a teen because of her strict religious upbringing. But when Lindy asked a tense Miguel to snap a photo of her before they headed downstairs, he snapped. He said he was tired and didn’t want to act as Lindy’s personal photographer, but she continued to needle him about it. 

After the incident, neither could let it go. 

“It was that tone you used when you were irritated,” he told her at the prom party. “That s**t doesn’t fly. Ever. You don’t talk to me like that. Ever.” 

As the weekend progressed, they continued to fight. Miguel was upset when Lindy got distracted during a carriage ride rather than paying attention to the poem he was reading her. Later, they has another argument about photos, and then he lashed out when she didn’t support him during a group dodgeball game, even though they were on different teams.  

Is Miguel’s behavior a red flag?

Miguel blamed his irritable behavior on a tough week at work and the pressure of filming. But some Married at First Sight fans saw his actions as more than just an example of someone having a bad day. 

“Miguel is showing controlling vibes,” one person commented on an Instagram post of a clip of him rejecting Lindy’s request for a hug. 

“Miguel is critical as hell! WOW! Complete 180! This is scary and intense,” another commented. 

Other people called Miguel “the poster child for gaslighting” and warned that “his cruel streak is a major red flag. He communicates to harm.”

Critics felt Miguel’s reaction to Lindy in this MAFS episode was over the top and overly critical. Some wondered if her was deliberately laying the groundwork for a “no” on Decision Day. 

Lindy isn’t blameless for the problems in her marriage, some fans argue 


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Miguel’s behavior rubbed Lindy – and many Married at First Sight viewers – the wrong way. But a few had some sympathy for him. They pointed out that Lindy’s short attention span, difficulty reading her husband’s emotions, and tendency to react overreact to many situations were likely draining. Miguel may have just run out of patience. 

“Lindy needs to check her social skills and become more self aware,” one person commented. 

“​​Lindy is ALOT! She’s very immature at times while he’s a bit more reserved,” another wrote. 

Will Lindy and Miguel be able to work through their issues before Decision Day? Both seemed aware they weren’t at their best during the couples’ retreat, but neither knew how to move forward. 

“I feel so beat down,” Lindy told some of the other cast members. 

Meanwhile, Miguel told his fellow Married at First Sight participants that he was “walking on eggshells” around his wife. 

“It’s like a vicious cycle,” he added. “Because you start despising almost the person you’re becoming.” 

New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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