‘MBFFL’: Buddy Bell Explains His Argument With Whitney Thore, Defends Her on Instagram

My Big Fat Fabulous Life stars Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell got into a heated argument in the “Big Fat Brawl” episode of season 8. Some fans were outraged with the way Thore spoke to Bell during their fight, many of them speaking out about their feelings online. Bell took to social media to defend Thore and address those fans directly. 

Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore
Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore | TLC

Some ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ fans think Whitney Thore mistreats Buddy Bell 

In the episode, Bell and Thore got into an argument. Both of them have been extremely open about their depression. But when Thore told Bell to “get over it,” some fans were upset. Many fans found Thore’s actions disturbing, especially after Bell was there for her during her broken engagement. 

After the episode aired, fans took to Reddit to dissect Thore and Bell’s argument. Some even called Thore a “bad friend” for the way she treated Bell. On Feb. 5, Bell took to social media to clarify the situation. 

Buddy Bell explains his argument with Whitney from the show

Bell asked Thore to share a video on her Instagram account. In the video, he explains how harmless their argument was. 

“I usually don’t like to get on here and talk about the show, but Jesus Christ you guys don’t let up,” Bell began. 

I’m seeing a lot of stuff about Whitney being a bad friend and that sort of thing just over what happened — the little bicker fest at breakfast on the show on Tuesday. It wasn’t that big a deal. I saw somebody wrote an article about it — why? You’ve never gotten into a bicker fest with one of your friends?

She wasn’t telling me to get over it as in get over my bummy mood, my depression. I was giving her sh*t for her use of the word ‘obviously.’ I was being a d*ck. And I knew I was being a d*ck. And maybe with my depression, that was making me a little salty about her use of the word ‘obviously,’ but I needed to get over that.

Buddy Bell defends Whitney Thore 

In his video, Bell also addressed those fans who think Thore is a bad friend. “Whitney is a very supportive friend,” he explained. “She is fantastic. We are both supportive to each other. All of us are, man. Ashely, Tal, the rest of them — but we just had a moment. We had a moment.”

Bell was perplexed by those fans who seemingly never been in an argument with their friends. 

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“Relax — she’s not a bad person,” he continued. “She’s one of my dearest friends. And another thing — we got over it immediately. She took her shirt off to try to stop filming from happening. That didn’t happen, obviously. That backfired. But we went into the other room and it was squashed in a minute.” 

Bell said he and Thore agreed the argument was “stupid,” exchanged “I love yous,” and let it be. He urged fans to go about their lives and not worry about what’s going on in the show. 

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ may have lost some viewers

Bell’s post concluded with him saying: 

Tune in, come hang out with us — say what’s up. Enjoy [My Big Fat Fabulous Life], let me be hilarious for you but stay off the message boards. Go do something important.

After Thore posted the video, some fans were even more upset with the TLC star, writing they were done tuning in to the show for good. But regardless of what those fans think, Thore is urging them to realize their lives are more complex and nuanced and most importantly, that they’re human beings.