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Chip and Joanna Gaines have five children — more than the average American family, as their critics will remind you — and it’s sometimes tough to keep up with who’s who, especially now that Fixer Upper has drawn to a close. What are their names? What have their parents shared about them? What interests do they have and what hobbies do they enjoy?

Read on to get all the fun facts on the Gaines family (including the basics, like names and ages, if you need a refresher)!

1. Drake Gaines

  • Age: 13

Country Living reports that Drake Gaines is the football player of the family. And it sounds like he has some real talent for the game, too! On one episode of Fixer Upper, Chip said that Drake has a great arm. Plus, an Instagram post showed Duke and Drake meeting Baylor’s football coach — a pretty big deal for kids whose parents both went to Baylor. A separate Instagram post reveals another activity that Drake seems to have a talent for: playing the guitar. And, like many big brothers, he looks like he’s taken pretty quickly to the family’s newest addition, baby Crew.

2. Ella Rose Gaines

  • Age: 11

Country Living speculates that Ella Rose Gaines could take over the family business someday. (Ella even asked her mom if she could be a designer when she grows up.) Ella found herself in the spotlight on Fixer Upper as she helped her mom design a room. She also assisted Joanna with a wallpaper design, which would be a pretty formidable task even for a trained designer! Both Ella and her younger sister, Emmie, also seem to excel at arts and crafts, ranging from quilting to ceramics to jewelry-making. And Ella even created a “summer job” selling baked goods at her parents’ office.

3. Duke Gaines

  • Age: 9

Country Living reports that Duke Gaines seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps by learning to be a cowboy. From wearing cowboy boots and sporting a cowboy hat to accompanying his dad to buy more animals, Duke seems to love life on the farm. He also seems to have a green thumb, like his mom. Joanna noted in an Instagram post that Duke helps her out in the garden, especially with harvesting. And while Drake loves football, Duke is a big fan of baseball. On one episode of Fixer Upper, Chip said that Duke is a lefty and “a heck of a ballplayer.” That’s another way Duke is following in his dad’s footsteps: Chip played college baseball for Baylor.

4. Emmie Kay Gaines

  • Age: 7

With a mom like Joanna, at least one of the Gaines kids had to inherit her talent for design. According to one Instagram post, Joanna refers to Emmie Kay Gaines as her “mini designer.”  Emmie seems to love houseplants and the other plants that Joanna grows in the family’s greenhouse. In fact, in one Instagram post, Joanna wrote, “I told her she would get a new plant every month if she keeps up with all her little cuties. We are running out of space.” Along with her older sister, Emmie also seems to enjoy baking in the farmhouse kitchen. And like the other Gaines kids, Emmie has made plenty of cute cameos on Fixer Upper.

5. Crew Gaines

  • Age: Just a few months!

While their older sons both have names that start with “D” — Drake and Duke — Chip and Joanna broke with tradition when they named Crew Gaines. As Country Living reports, it seems that the Fixer Upper stars were thinking of choosing a “D” name for the baby, but they must have liked “Crew” better than the other contenders.

Though Crew is a little young to do much beyond eating and sleeping, he’ll probably grow up to love some of the same activities his older siblings enjoy. All four of the older Gaines kids seem to love racing around the farm on go-karts and dirt bikes, plus spending time with the goatsthe dogsthe cows, the cats, and the bunnies on the farm. The kids also play hide and seek in the cornfields and go wading in ponds. They go exploring no matter what clothes (or shoes) they’re wearing, they camp in their backyard, and they love swimming.

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