Patrick Mahomes’ Offseason So Far: Training, Golf, Cabo, and Tik Tok

Patrick Mahomes is still enjoying the thrill of his first Super Bowl victory. Mahomes and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs are currently in the offseason, and while the star quarterback has been keeping up with his workouts, he’s also been having some fun with friends and family. From training to playing golf and posting Tik Tok videos, here’s a look at what Mahomes has been doing in the offseason.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Stance

Mahomes takes his girlfriend to Cabo

Patrick Mahomes recently shared a photo from his trip to Cabo San Lucas with his longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews. The pic, shared on Instagram, features the couple getting extra cozy in the back of the boat.

“Great times with Great people!!” Mahomes captioned the pic.

Matthews has been a huge supporter of Mahomes throughout his career. Not only did she celebrate the Super Bowl victory with him on the sidelines, but she also joined him in the parade in Kansas City.

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Great times with Great people!!

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Mahomes led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years after defeating the San Francisco 49ers back in February. The two have celebrated the historic victory ever since, and Matthews has documented most of the events on social media as well.

Inside Patrick Mahomes’ social media activity

Apart from the Cabo pic, Mahomes has used social media as a means to update fans on his offseason progress. This including sharing pictures of his intense workout sessions, and a recent video that shows him working on some new throwing angles.

As the starting quarterback of the Chiefs for the past two seasons, Mahomes has wowed fans with some impressive throws. And his latest video proves that he’s still working hard to be in top shape for next season.

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My people, that I love oh so much

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More recently, Patrick Mahomes shared a few photos of him holding a football, a clear signal that he is ready for another year of football to begin.

“Verified. The feeling when you get to pick up that football again,” he wrote alongside the photo.

But it hasn’t been all work for Mahomes. His brother, Jackson Mahomes, recently posted a hilarious Tik Tok video of the two dancing to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.” Needless to say, fans loved the short clip, and hopefully that’s not the last we’ve seen from the brothers.

Brittany Matthews shares cheeky bikini shot

Mahomes has not been the only one getting attention on social media. Matthews has also been posting shots of her and Mahomes enjoying themselves in the offseason, and her latest post was her steamiest one yet.

Taking to Instagram, Matthews shared a series of pics of her wearing a bikini and showing off her trim body. The pics were taken during her and Patrick Mahomes’ trip to Cabo, and it appears like the two had a blast.

“Whatever floats your boat,” Matthews shared.

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Whatever floats your boat

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Matthews and Mahomes have been together since they were in high school. She currently runs her own fitness company in Kansas City, and her Instagram account has close to 500,000 followers.

She is also a regular at Chiefs games and lives with Mahomes in Kansas City, along with their adorable two pups (who also have a large Instagram following).

What about Patrick Mahomes’ contract extension?

With spring right around the corner, it will only be a matter of time before Mahomes increases his training schedule to prep for the NFL camps. While there is little doubt that Mahomes will be ready for another season, there is still some mystery surrounding his contract extension.

After leading the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory and being named the game’s MVP, Mahomes is expected to sign a major contract extension. According to Yahoo, Mahomes is still under contract for the next two seasons, but the Chiefs will be looking to extend that contract this summer.

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If all goes according to plan, Mahomes will sign a contract that will make him the highest-paid athlete in the NFL. And considering his recent comments about playing in Kansas City, it sounds like Mahomes is determined to remain in the Chiefs organization.

“I’m excited to be in Kansas City and to keep being around people like that,” Mahomes recently shared.

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You & this team deserved this❤️

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When it comes to the numbers, Mahomes has hinted that he might take a discount to help the Chiefs retain other core players. In fact, Mahomes revealed that he wants to do his contract extension “the smart way,” which means giving his team the best chance of winning moving forward.