‘Surviving Summer’ Ending and What It Means for Season 2

Netflix is having a busy summer. The streamer has produced an incredible lineup of content since June, including Dakota Johnson’s Jane Austen romance, Persuasion, Spiderhead with Miles Teller and Chris Hemsworth, and, most recently, the Russo Brother’s massive, action-packed flick The Gray Man with Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, and Ana de Armas.

Amidst all the explosions and Regency-era romance, however, Surviving Summer offers a 10-episode break from the mega-movies with its surf culture and young adult storylines. 

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Surviving Summer season 1.]

'Surviving Summer' cast smiling, holding surf boards on a beach
‘Surviving Summer’ cast | Netflix

What happens at the end of Surviving Summer season 1?

Surviving Summer season 1 follows Summer Torres, who is freshly kicked out of high school in New York and sent to Australia. She soon meets a cute surfer, Ari, and finds a home among the young surfers of the town.

While much of the season sees Summer and Ari at odds with each other, Surviving Summer season 1 ends with them finally acknowledging their feelings for each other. Shortly thereafter, Summer’s mother arrives to bring Summer back to New York.

The season ends with Ari and Summer saying goodbye with a kiss at the airport before returning to their respective homes. 

The final scenes of Surviving Summer season 1 show Ari back with his friends and headed to the beach while Summer is back in New York, heading to the local surf spot, Rockaway Beach.

As pointed out by Hitc, “Despite the two characters having returned to the places where their stories started, they have both been changed by the experience of having each other around.”

For Ari, that means acknowledging his anxiety, and for Summer, realizing she needs to take responsibility for her actions. 

Will there be a Surviving Summer season 2?

So far, there is no word from Netflix on Surviving Summer season 2. The series was released on June 3rd, so it is a little early to predict its renewability. However, What’s on Netflix gives the series a “50/50” chance at getting a season 2, as the show received average reviews and had a brief spot among Netflix’s coveted Top 10 rankings. 

As for what Surviving Summer season 2 might cover, it is likely the story would pick up where season 1 left off with a new reason for Summer to return to Australia. Alternatively, an interesting idea presented by What’s on Netflix muses that there may be a reversal in which Summer’s friends journey from Australia to see her in New York. 

Surviving Summer’s cast and where you’ve seen them before

The cast of Surviving Summer is led by Disney Channel alumna Sky Katz. Before her leading role in Surviving Summer, Katz played Tess O’Malley in two series: Raven’s Home with Raven-Symoné and Bunk’d.

Starring as Summer’s love interest, Ari, Surviving Summer’s Kai Lewins was most recently seen in Roar with Nicole Kidman. Lewins played the role of Todd in the series’ second episode, “The Woman Who Ate Photographs.” 

As Surviving Summer was shot mainly on location in Australia and featured mostly native actors, many of the cast are busy making films locally before (hopefully) gearing up to shoot Surviving Summer season 2. 

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