‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Reveals What Kevin Costner Really Smells Like


  • Yellowstone stars Wes Bentley and Cole Hauser recently sat down to answer IMDb’s Burning Questions.
  • Hauser says that co-star Kevin Costner is really just a “laid back, cool guy from Southern California.”
  • Bentley joked about what the Hollywood legend really smells like.
Yellowstone Wes Bentley Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner on the set of ‘Yellowstone’ | Paramount

Yellowstone stars Wes Bentley and Cole Hauser recently sat down to answer IMDb’sburning questions about the neo-western. The actors who play Jamie Dutton and Rip Wheeler, respectively, talked about everything from funny moments on set to which actor is least like their character. Bentley also revealed exactly what Kevin Costner (John Dutton) smells like.

Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley play coy about the funniest thing that’s happened on the ‘Yellowstone’ set

Hauser and Bentley were recently part of an IMDb Burning Questions session where they talked about all things Yellowstone. When asked about the funniest thing that’s happened on the Yellowstone set while filming the first four seasons, Hauser played coy.

“I don’t think I can say this on television,” Hauser said with a laugh.

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When the interviewer clarified that they were on the internet, and it would be “fine” to reveal the answer, Hauser still refused while continuing to giggle along with Bentley. Apparently, they had a pretty good story that neither was willing to share.

Then, Hauser finally gave fans something he found funny: “I think watching Forrie J. Smith (Llloyd) run. It’s one of the greatest gaits of all time.”

Wes Bentley and Kelly Reilly were trying to do this during scenes

Bentley shared that for a while — when he and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) were in a scene together — they would try to mess with each other by flipping the bird.

“For a little bit, Kelly and I were trying to flip each other off in scenes,” Bentley revealed. “So, I was really working it for a while.”

Hauser pointed out that Reilly was nothing like her character in real life. He noted that Reilly is British, and she has a “sweet heart.” Which makes her the “polar opposite” of Beth Dutton.

“I’m sure she can get mad, but I don’t think it’s like Beth,” Hauser said.

“She struggled with that first season,” Bentley added. “But man, she just lit the fire, and now she’s off.”

‘Yellowstone’ star Wes Bentley reveals what Kevin Costner really smells like

The conversation eventually turned to series’ star Kevin Costner, who plays patriarch John Dutton. When asked if there was something fans don’t know about the Oscar winner, Hauser said he’s a “laid back” guy.

“Obviously he has kind of this western legacy, but he’s really just this kind of laid back, cool guy from Southern Cal,” Hauser said.

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“He also smells like baseball,” Bentley added, referring to Costner’s roles in Field of Dreams and Bull Durham. “No, no, no, really I’m just joking.”

“Like a baseball glove?” Hauser asks his co-star. “That might be from sitting in a saddle 12 hours a day.”

Cole Hauser reveals Rip and Beth’s dream wedding

On the subject of what a dream wedding would look like for Rip and Beth, Hauser said it would have to be “on top of a mountain somewhere, just the two of them.” He added that they would also probably have a “few libations, a bonfire, and a beautiful view.”

Could that answer just be Hauser’s opinion? Or, could it possibly be a hint of what’s to come for the couple in season 4? Fans will have to wait and see.

The ‘Yellowstone’ stars have no idea what a Livestock Commissioner does IRL

When Yellowstone premiered, John Dutton was the Livestock Commissioner in Montana. Then, that job briefly went to Jamie before it finally landed on Kayce (Luke Grimes). But, what does a Livestock Commissioner actually do in real life? Even though they “make it look like James Bond” on Yellowstone, neither Hauser nor Bentley knows for sure. 

“I’ve been dreading this question for years,” Bentley said with a laugh.

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Hauser then read the definition of a livestock agent off of his phone, saying they “buy and sell farm animals on behalf of their clients.” That’s not the definition he was expecting, and he’s not sure if they are accurately portraying them on Yellowstone.

However, Hauser didn’t get to the part of the definition that may have given some clarification. Livestock agents are appointed by the state, and they are law enforcement. Which means they can carry guns and use them if needed.

Yellowstone airs Sunday nights on the Paramount Network.