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Oxygen’s murder mystery docu-series Mastermind of Murder returns with true crime thrills and massive chills, revisiting one of the most shocking cases to date.

In a new episode, “Chain of Demands,” police struggle to identify a mutilated torso found in the woods. But when the Navy comes forward with a missing sailor case, police may be closer to finding the killer. As the investigations join forces, a mastermind emerges who’s obsessed with murder, power and committing the perfect crime. 

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, documentarians show how a sleepy town is ripped from innocence as news of the brutal murder traveled fast.

Human remains rock a small town to its core

In 1992, the small community of Warner Robins, Georgia learned the horrific details of a bone-chilling murder. Detectives who worked on the case explained that the case received more attention because of the nature of the killing. “The body was mutilated,” according to the local news.

Mastermind of Murder logo
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The partially buried body was found in a shallow grave. A detective revealed that “only a torso was found.” Horror immediately ripped like wildfire through the community. This led citizens to fear the worst – from a serial killer to a satanic cult taking up residence in their sleepy town.

Will police solve the murder on ‘Mastermind of Murder’?

As in many grisly murders with no answers, residents feared the killer could strike again. This pushed detectives to kick their investigation into high gear, determined to solve the case quickly – especially before someone else became a victim.

A week into the investigation, tensions ran high. Police received a call from Naval investigators from a base in Florida. Special Agent NCIS, Diane Kelley told police that they were trying to find a missing sailor. And added, “That matches the description of the torso that you found,” she revealed. “We’re conducting our investigation in Pensacola regarding a missing person, Conway Utterbeck. And we thought it possibly could be Conway.”

‘Mastermind of Murder’ will go deep into cold cases this season

Was it Conway Utterbeck? Mastermind of Murder will go deep into the cases. It promises twists, turns, and ultimately answers in some of the most shocking murders ever.

Every episode investigates a murder of an unsuspecting and beloved victim, with initial clues leading police to believe the person who committed the crime also devised the plot. However, when law enforcement furthers its investigation, everything’s not as it seems. The person who committed the brutal crime isn’t the one who carefully and deliberately orchestrated the hit but is a pawn in someone else’s plotting. As the twisted layers of cases are unraveled, the master manipulators behind the crimes are brought to light.

Professions of love, bone-chilling threats, and promises of riches are the tools used to persuade others to utterly devastate family and friends by taking their loved one’s life. Deception among family members, a never-ending fight for land, and an obsession with power are just some of the factors fueling the rage that leads people to construct murderous plans. It’s easy to see the person who manipulates the perpetrator embodies as much evil as the one who commits the crime. 

New episodes of Mastermind of Murder air on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on Oxygen.