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The eight-episode Netflix series, Wednesday, takes audiences on a riveting thriller of monsters, murder, secrets, and the supernatural. As Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) discovers the truth behind the monster that terrorizes Jericho and its connection to the murderer, she also faces her destiny at Nevermore. By the Wednesday finale, audiences get a happy conclusion. Or do they? A tantalizing cliffhanger teases a possible Wednesday Season 2.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday.]

Wednesday talking to Thing in 'Wednesday' series.
Wednesday talking to Thing in ‘Wednesday’ series | via Netflix

All is well and good at Nevermore in the ‘Wednesday’ finale

The threads of Wednesday’s investigation take an exciting turn in the finale. Wednesday initially believes the Hyde, the monster killing people, is Xavier (Percy Hynes White). But when she kisses Tyler (Hunter Doohan), her visions reveal the truth. Tyler is the Hyde, and when he is confronted and later set free, he admits he knew he was murdering people and enjoyed it. He also knows who his master is.

Wednesday needs answers before it is too late. When Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) wakes up from his coma, he reveals the woman who torched the Hyde’s lair wore red boots. The small detail cracks the case wide open. Wednesday confronts Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), who is wearing the red boots. Going through the evidence, Thornhill is Laurel Gates, and she never died at sea.

Knowing about Nevermore and getting a job there, she set her plan in motion. She used Tyler, told him the truth about his mother being an outcast, and activated his Hyde. But Thornhill gets away and kidnaps Wednesday and takes her to Crackstone’s crypt. She reveals she will use Goody Addams’ Book of Shadows to resurrect her ancestor, Joseph Crackstone, to kill all the outcasts.

By the finale, the prophecy from the Nightshade journal comes true, and Wednesday saves Nevermore from Blackstone. While the series ends on a good note, there is a glimmer of hope for a Wednesday Season 2.

The Netflix series ends with mysterious texts that could lead to ‘Wednesday’ Season 2

After the dramatic events with Crackstone and Thornhill, the semester at Nevermore is over. Ms. Weems (Gwendoline Christie) was killed at the hands of Ms. Thornhill with nightshade, and the school has no headmistress. Wednesday finished her novel, made new friends, and possibly sparked something with Xavier. After all, he is a free man now. He also gifts Wednesday her first iPhone to stay in touch. While leaving Nevermore, she receives a series of texts. An unknown number sends her photos of her, Tyler, and Xavier with the message, “I am watching you.”

There is also a semi-cute gif of Wednesday getting a knife to the head. Wednesday has her first stalker. But in the Wednesday finale, she begins to ponder if there is something more at play. Maybe Tyler and Ms. Thornhill were pawns in a bigger game. A scene cuts to Tyler in a straight jacket in an armored vehicle. Within seconds, he begins to turn into the monstrous Hyde.

All the loose threads and the cliffhanger would be a perfect segway into a Wednesday Season 2. But what do the texts and details mean for a new season? Audiences should remember that Wednesday found similar stalker photos in Laurel Gates’s music box. It could very well be that Laurel was not the mastermind and gave the photos of Wednesday as a reference. With Tyler also turning into a Hyde in the armored car, it means his master is still alive.

Will Netflix greenlight a ‘Wednesday’ Season 2?

There is no denying that fans are filled with glee over a new yet familiar version of the Wednesday Addams they grew up with. The Netflix series takes a fun and unique spin seen before. Filled with the supernatural, murder, gore, and mysteries, fans will eagerly want more. But will there be a Wednesday Season 2? Netflix nor the series creators have revealed news about a new season.

But the cliffhanger finale is enough to entice fans to hope for a Wednesday Season 2. On the podcast TV’s Top 5, the series showrunner explained there is a possibility of spinoffs based on the characters.


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Al Gough explains, “When you create a world like this, the intention is any one of these characters could be the lead in their own show. Certainly, it’s cast that way. When you have Fred Armisen, when you have Catherine Zeta-Jones, when you have Luis Guzman, that’s certainly something that we’ve discussed and would very much like, in success, to branch out this world beyond just Wednesday.”

The creator also reveals Thing was Tim Burton’s favorite character. Thing has always been an enigma in the Addams Family universe. His origins and his identity are a secret. Even Wednesday explains in Wednesday that Thing is one of the family’s greatest dark secrets.