Paige and Chris seal their marriage with a kiss during Married at First Sight season 12
Cast members Paige and Chris seal their marriage with a kiss during Married at First Sight season 12 | Lifetime via Youtube

A Danish series titled Gift Ved Første Blik originally inspired the FYI network to develop an American version called Married at First Sight in 2014. After the fourth season, the show moved to FYI’s sister network, Lifetime.

The concept involves a team of experts — often including a clinical psychologist, pastor, sexologist, or sociologist — matching eligible singles based on their compatibility. The pairs commit to meeting at the altar and getting married on the spot. Married at First Sight follows each duo as they navigate the honeymoon, moving in together, and meeting each other’s family and friends. Drama ensues as personalities clash and cast members lean on each other for support.

Fans have watched 12 completed seasons as of late 2021. Of those seasons, 61% of couples decided to stay married on Decision Day. Over half have since divorced. The overall success rate of Married at First Sight is about 30% with 13 couples remaining married long-term.

  • Debut year: 2014
  • Seasons: 14 seasons and counting
  • Original network: FYI
  • Filming location: New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Washington D.C., New Orleans, and Houston
  • Where to watch: Lifetime (some seasons available on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime)

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