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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

After Cody Calafiore ended his reign as Head of Household in Big Brother 22: All-Stars, Unusual Suspects ally Memphis Garrett kept the alliance in power by winning the following week’s title. While he initially had a target in mind, the Safety Suite competition threw a wrench in his plans. Who did Memphis nominate for eviction?

The 4 coaches and their teams preparing to start the Big Brother Slumber Party Head of Household competition
The 4 coaches and their teams preparing to start the “Big Brother Slumber Party” Head of Household competition | Sonja Flemming

Memphis Garrett won Head of Household for Week 2

Big Brother 10 runner-up Memphis Garrett came close to winning the first Head of Household competition. However, he ended up becoming one of the season’s first Have-Nots by random selection.

Even so, Memphis created an alliance with Cody Calafiore and included Christmas Abbott, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, and Dani Donato Briones he named the Unusual Suspects.

The BB10 runner-up then won the following Head of Household, his first in his BB career, retaining the power for his alliance. After he showed everyone his basket and read the letter from his son, Memphis spoke to several houseguests.

He remained fairly tight-lipped and advised almost everyone to play in the upcoming Safety Suite competition, including his alliance members to hide their affiliation.

Christmas Abbott won the second Safety Suite competition

David Alexander, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, Bayleigh Dayton, Da’Vonne Rogers, Christmas, and Cody took Memphis’ advice and swiped their VIP passes to compete in the Safety Suite competition.

When the Live Feeds returned after nearly six hours, Christmas confirmed she won safety and chose Ian as her “plus one” to save. Memphis planned on nominating or backdooring Ian because he doesn’t trust the returning winner, so her choice irritated him.

Additionally, he felt the BB14 champ was saved twice because Nicole Franzel volunteered to become a Have-Not for the week so Ian wouldn’t have to nominate anyone.

Memphis selected David to replace him as a Have-Not, in a rude way according to several houseguests, Nicole Anthony picked Christmas, and Kevin chose Kaysar Ridha.

Memphis Garrett nominated Nicole Anthony and David Alexander

Before the BB10 runner-up won Head of Household, he stated he would nominate Bayleigh and Ian, with the latter as the intended target, if he had the power. However, Ian’s safety foiled his plans, and he struck a deal with Bayleigh before the Safety Suite competition.

Therefore, Memphis chose to nominate BB21 co-stars Nicole A. and David because he felt they were “easy” votes and didn’t think he would get any blood on his hands with either going home.

Several of the houseguests were perturbed with his nomination speech because he told David, “welcome to the grown-ups table.” Additionally, Memphis apparently chastised Nicole A. for not playing in the competition as he advised her.


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After he announced his nominations, multiple players confirmed they wanted to save David, and Memphis stated he preferred Nicole A. leave the house due to her relationship with Janelle Pierzina. However, Cody Calafiore plans on pushing for the HOH to backdoor Janelle or Kaysar and save both BB21 co-stars.

Big Brother 22: All-Stars airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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