Fans Think Justin Bieber Committed to ‘Way Too Much’ After He Cancels His Toronto Shows With Only a Few Hours’ Notice

Justin Bieber is a superstar who has broken records, set new standards and built a career that is truly impressive. Bieber’s overwhelming triumphs are that much more staggering, considering he entered the spotlight at a very early age. In spite of Bieber’s undeniable wins, the singer has struggled with a number of personal issues over the years and has weathered his fair share of controversies.

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Recently, Bieber made headlines again when he announced that he would be canceling his tour dates through the end of July in the wake of an upsetting health diagnosis. Fans have had a lot to say about the news, taking to Reddit to discuss why the singer tends to commit “too much.”

Justin Bieber recently canceled his upcoming tour dates

As one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, Justin Bieber has been able to sell out stadiums and large venues for years. In recent years, he’s been busier than ever, with his 2021 album Justice making waves with fans of all ages.

In support of the album, Bieber recently embarked on a series of concert dates, including an aggressive show schedule in Toronto. However, just hours before Bieber was set to take the stage in early June, the artist took to Instagram to announce that he was canceling the shows due to illness. 

Days after the Toronto announcement, Bieber revealed that he had to cancel the remainder of his U.S. Justice Tour shows, which were originally scheduled throughout June and July. According to Entertainment Tonight, Bieber’s diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome contributed to his decision to cancel the tour dates.

What did fans say about Justin Bieber committing ‘too much’ to his tour?

In the wake of the announcement, fans took to Reddit to discuss Bieber’s touring plans. “When I saw how many shows that have been scheduled for him I figured he would not be able to do it,” one fan wrote. “He has not toured in many years and they have him doing 130 shows? Way too much plus I do not see any breaks built into the schedule. I anticipate a lot more cancellations ahead.”

Another fan wrote “I’m surprised he’s made it this far. He’s had to cancel twice now and I don’t think he’s physically or mentally stable enough to finish out the rest of the tour. I feel bad for him, he has a lot of people he supports.”

Numerous fans echoed their support for Bieber, all while calling out the pattern of singers who are forced to cancel tours. “If your body is not able to handle performing, it needs to rest. It is super shitty for folks who paid for non-refundable things like travel expenses to see you, but canceling so late to me indicates they were intending to perform in hopes of improving,” one fan pointed out.

Justin Bieber isn’t the only artist who’s had to cancel big tours

Notably, in early January, superstar singer Adele pulled the plug on Las Vegas residency just days before it was set to start. According to CNN, the singer took to social media to make a statement about the postponement, revealing that a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak amongst her team contributed to her decision to cancel the shows, as well as her own personal opinion that the shows weren’t ready.

More recently, Mandy Moore canceled the remaining dates of her 2022 tour. According to Newsday, Moore released a statement saying that pregnancy-related issues caused her to be too uncomfortable when performing. 

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