‘Big Brother’: Da’Vonne Rogers Reacts to Houseguests Calling Her ‘Aggressive’ on the Live Feeds

The cast of Big Brother often don’t find out how other houseguests really felt about them until they leave the house. That’s because things from live feeds tend to stick around. Da’Vonne Rogers has reacted to some of the houseguests talking behind her back on the live feeds.

Da’Vonne Rogers ended ‘Big Brother 22’ making history

Da'Vonne Rogers on 'Big Brother'
Da’Vonne Rogers on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

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Da’Vonne didn’t get the grand prize of the season. But she did make it far enough to vote for the winner by being in jury.

She did impress fans and alums of the show with her eviction speech. “Cassandra Waldron was the first person to walk through those doors,” she said. “She was a strong Black woman. Danielle Reyes sat in these two chairs iconic and legendary. She, as well, was a strong Black woman and almost won this game.”

She continued, “The spinoff version, Celebrity Big Brother, Tamar Braxton, another strong Black woman won this entire thing by an unanimous vote. I had the desire to join that list of women and be the first African-American to ever win this game.”

That didn’t happen, but she did become the first African-American to win America’s Favorite Houseguest this season. This means she got $25,000 with the title.

Da’Vonne ended the season with some of her former connections in the house broken. She is also still finding out what other houseguests were saying behind her back.

She reacted to the houseguests talking about her

Da’Vonne returned to Twitter after the finale. She took some time to look at clips from the live feeds on Oct. 30.

There is a moment where Christmas Abbott, Nicole Franzel, and Memphis Garrett were in the Head of Household room talking. “Da’Vonne terrifies Enzo [Palumbo],” Christmas says. “I look at Da’Vonne as more of a threat. Not a threat towards me, but just a threat in general. Because I feel like her words, I don’t know…the way she talks I feel like she’s very agitating and aggressive,” Memphis eventually says. “And I feel like she can get sh*t like pumped up. But that’s just me.”

Da’Vonne reacted to this by tweeting, “Lmaoo … OR maybe they were just …… soft.” The America’s Favorite Houseguest winner also opened up about being in pain due to fibroids while in the house. But other houseguests talked about that behind her back.

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Dani Briones is seen talking to Kevin Campbell in a clip from the lives feeds. “And she shut down for two days,” Kevin said. “Wasn’t that like you’re so obvious. ‘I’m feeling sick.’ No you’re not. ‘I need my beets.’ No, you don’t. You need Jesus. Go read your Bible,” Dani said. Da’Vonne tweeted, “Oh…. fibroids are real and they drain you of your blood… and beets are definitely blood builders.”

The reality star didn’t focus long on the negative parts of the feeds. Her last tweet was reacting to a fan video cutting clips from different Big Brother seasons with her speech giving tribute to Black houseguests who came before her.